Monday, January 18, 2010

Afternoon thoughts

I've been entertaining the though of making my own laundry detergent. I know it's very economical. The kids and I have extremely sensitive skin and I really mean it, it's bad. I currently use Seventh Generation detergent and softener because it's more environmentally friendly and it doesn't cause problems with our skin because of the natural ingredients. It's also "he" friendly as well. Which is good because we have high efficiency front loaders. But making my own would save so much money. This is something I'm going to seriously look into.

It's beautiful outside this afternoon. A tad bit humid because of the rain we have gotten the past 2 days, but otherwise it's very nice. 64 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. I have the back door and dining room window open. I'm sitting here watching the breeze blow my off-white sheer curtains away from the window in the dining room and for some reason it makes me smile, it's pleasant. Everything is all clean and the slow cooker is going with dinner. If Annabella takes a decent nap, maybe I'll get some reading in for a little bit while Tony is upstairs with the boys. I'm halfway through dear John. I really like it so far.

Today my schedule has been pretty easy considering it's a holiday and I let the boys have the day off of school. I just did my usual cleaning, cooking, dinner prep etc. My most recent order from Hooked On Phonics just arrived. I can't believe how long they take to ship out their orders. They are a large well known company and they took almost 2 weeks to ship out 3 super workbooks. That's a little crazy to me. I suppose before I try to sit down with my book I should do some laundry!


Linda said...

Sadly, I know I have read Dear John, but I cant remember what it was about except for the movie previews.
Glad you are enjoying it though!

Anonymous said...

Definitely give the detergent a try! We make our own detergent & fabric softener now.