Sunday, January 17, 2010

Because I love them

My boys really do come up with the funniest things. They are so creative and imaginative so they can come up with some wild stuff.
One day an ear wig made it into the kitchen from the back door when I let the dogs in from going potty. Alex, Wyatt and Cameron all preceded to interrogate/use torture tactics on this little bug. I had just received a package and the small box was still sitting in the kitchen. They used the box in this interrogation.
His name was Dirty Dan and they wanted to know where the rest of his friends were. Here is how the interrogation went.

Alex - "Dirty Dan! Where are all of your little friends!?" *squishes bug with box*
Alex - "Tell me Dirty Dan or I'll do it again!"
Wyatt - "Yeah Dirty Dan, We'll do it again!"
Cameron - "Come on! Tell us! Where are all of your little friends!"
Alex - *squishes bug again*
Alex - "I told you! Tell us!"
Wyatt - "Come on Dirty Dan!"

I'm sure you have the idea now. This went on for about 20 minutes. I don't know if you had to be there, but I was sitting here listening to them and completely cracking up!

This evening during dinner Alex asked "Who's Simon?". and Tony looked at him a little confused and asked him who he's talking about. Alex responded with "Simon. He's bossy and tells people what to do. Who is he? He doesn't even say please." Tony and I both looked at each other and laughed realizing that he wanted to know who Simon was because of the game Simon Says! Tony explained it was just a game where you have to listen carefully so that you follow the directions properly. The way he looks at things sometimes is so interesting and funny.

I cleaned everything up from dinner and made the boys a snack. Low fat graham crackers with fat free strawberry yogurt sandwiched between them (I got this idea from my friend Brandi! Thank You!). Now they are all in bed and I am making my husband brownies! I have vanilla ice cream for them. He loves hot brownies with ice cream! The boys can all have a brownie for dessert tomorrow now too.

Last night my husband and I were watching Myth Busters and they proved that a youtube video claiming these guys made a 7ft tall ball out of 5 million Lego's and rolled it down a street, crashing into a car etc. was a fake. There was a guy running from this Lego boulder in an Indiana Jone costume. Alex is obsessed with Indiana Jones, by the way! Well anyway, I showed that video to Alex on Tony's phone this afternoon while we were at the deli having lunch and he looked at Cameron and said in a very serious tone "Cameron... I am going home and making a boulder out of Lego's!" That boy cracks me up. Here's the video if you're interested.

What would I do without all of these crazy kids? I can't even imagine how boring life would be without every one of them.

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