Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catching up

I've been a bit busy lately, but here I am to talk about the past few days.

On Saturday we all went bowling and besides the asthma inducing smoke filled ally we had a great time. I actually beat my husband on our first game! He's a pretty good bowler, so I'm surprised I did! The 3 older boys played in their own lane and Wyatt won their game. Seeing the boys faces while they were playing was great. I just love how they light up. It melts my heart and makes me appreciate being a mother that much more. Gracie slept most of the time and Zayne sat and contently watched. There was a group bowling next to us when we first got there who stared at us intensely as we got started. Then one of the woman, holding her adorable little daughter while puffing away on a cigarette asked me in her thick southern accent "Ma'am, are them 3 boys there triplets?" and of course I answered "no". Then she asked "Are you sure?". I think it's hilarious when someone asks such a dumb question. Of course I'm sure they aren't twins. I birthed each of my children separately, all 5 of them. I'm pretty sure that's something I would remember quite well. I just laughed and said "yes" to her.

When we went to dinner afterwards we were being stared at my a table of older folks as we were being seated. I notice we get stared at the most by older people. I still kind of don't understand it. I understand we have 5 children and for this day and age it's a lot, but it's not that many kids. It's not like I'm toting around 19 like the Duggers.

On Sunday we did grocery shopping. I can't quite express how painful it is to see our grocery bill. Feeding a large family really is expensive even when you're cutting corners. I'm going to start clipping coupons and watching sales again here soon. I've gotten lazy with it and really need to get back into the groove. We're also getting a Sam's Club membership this weekend. We NEED to make our shopping trips more affordable without giving up the healthier meals. While we were shopping we ran into one of my husbands students. It was funny to see is face when he saw all of the kids. He said "I knew ya'll had 5 kids, but wow. It looks like ya'll handle it really well though". Of course I was wearing black yoga pants, a nursing tank, a thin zip-up sweatshirt and a hat, so I felt a little frumpy despite the fact I had makeup on. I wish I had done my hair so I looked better. I always feel bad when we run into people he knows when my hair isn't at least done. It doesn't bother him though, he says I'm cute with his hat on.

The other evening at dinner Alex was telling me all about Venice Italy and that it's mostly water and all of that. The boys is so smart and loves to learn about that kind of stuff, but getting him to read is a nightmare. If he put half as much effort into his reading fluency as he does into other things he'd be an excellent reader. He is fine with the basics of phonics, sounding words out and great with comprehension, but his fluency is still lacking. He is however improving and I am satisfied with that.

Yesterday I switched Gracie from her piercing studs to her new screw back earrings with shorter posts and covered rounded screw backs. They look so much more comfortable on her. No more long posts with the huge backs digging into her head. Yes, I'm one of those evil terrible mothers who pierced her infant daughter's ears. She's my baby and I'm a good mother, so anyone who objects can keep it to themselves.

This morning I made the potato salad for dinner tonight. I wanted to make it more healthy so I cut the mayo with plain fat free yogurt 60/40, with it being more yogurt than mayo. It actually tastes amazing! I think I could have cut it even more and used less mayo. I plan to do that next time. I make great potato salad and was worried it wouldn't come out that great, but I think I like it even better this way! Now I feel a little less guilty about having potato salad with dinner since I officially started Weight Watchers yesterday. The burgers for dinner will be bad enough without the butt load of mayo in the potato salad to make it worse. Thank goodness I eat small thin burgers because I'm not a big fan of beef!

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