Friday, January 15, 2010

Experimentation and making plans

Today I asked my god-mother for her Jack Daniels chicken wings recipe. She is an amazing cook and hostess. I had her Jack Daniels wings back when we had the surprise party up in Massachusetts for my husband when he made chief a few years ago. They were SO good. I want to make them for a pot luck the guys are having in my husbands office this coming week, but I want to make them in the crock pot for convenience at the office instead of baking them like she does. I'm a little scared, but I'm hoping that if I make the sauce the way Tammy does that they will still be really good. Cross your fingers for me!

Tomorrow I plan to make a trip to Barnes and Noble. We'll all go together of course, because I like the kids to be able to poke around at books in the children's section. I am looking to pick up a slow cooker cookbook and another general cookbook of some sort. Utilizing my educators discount of course! I love to cook and I have lots of great recipes I've found and come up with on my own over the years, but I really want to try some new things. Add a little excitement to the kitchen because I'm getting bored. I'll drag ya'll along on my experimentation journey! My main goal is to find recipes that will be appealing to everyone and also healthy and balanced. I always prefer to stick to as much fresh, as little processed and as much organic foods as I possibly can. I'm trying to give my children as healthy of a start as I possibly can. Of course we have the occasional fast food and not so healthy meals, we are an american family after all! lol

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