Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I receive questions about homeschooling on almost a daily basis, so I thought I'd make a blog entry about it for those who have questions!

Our biggest reason for homeschooling right now is the terrible school system here. That was the top reason among many. The flexibility and self paced learning has also proven to fit our lifestyle thus far. I am by no means any kind of expert on this matter. My children are all still young and I, myself am learning as I go.

Right now my curriculum is eclectic to say the least. It consists of different things that have worked best for my boys so far, but does consist of all of the required subjects and then some. The main resources in the curriculum right now are (my boys have had the most success with this site, so far), Hooked On Phonics reading, Hooked on Phonics Math and Kumon. We also have Scott Forseman textbooks for Science and Social Studies. We have a variety of workbooks from Kumon, HOP and several others. I also incorporate art into our curriculum as well as recently starting the Type to Learn typing program from HOP.

We do not have a very strict schedule. The boys do have to complete all of their work but if they are having a rough day and need a short break, I give them a break and have them come back to it. This has worked very well for us with Alex's reading frustrations. He takes a breather and comes back ready to work again with a more clear mind. Many days they have more than a days worth of work completed before lunch. Without the disruption of 30 students, breaks between subjects, recess, needing to give individual help to several children during each subject and all of the others things the make a traditional school day so long, it's really not hard at all for a complete day of work to be easily completed in a much shorter time.

I make it a point to turn everyday experiences into a lesson for them. Just going to the store can be a lesson! We occasionally take field trips to places like the Aquarium and each time we have a different focus.

So there you have it, a quick little run down of how we homeschool here.

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