Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am super woman!

I finished my menu and grocery list that I need to go grocery shopping in the morning. I have 6 dinners planned for now and I'm pretty confident about my meal choices. I also have lunches planned for the kids as well. Keeping the meals healthy and balanced is so important to me. I have to keep reminding my husband that chips are not a good side with their sandwiches. I don't expect my kids to eat perfectly healthy meals every single day, but I really want to give them a good start and teach them healthy eating habits. My husband and I both grew up with pretty unhealthy eating habits. I want to change that for our children. Most days their meals and snacks really need to be good for them. After all, they are growing children and need to have the right things to grow into healthy adults. I don't even mind giving them PB&J. I just buy all natural peanut butter and low sugar jelly. They don't need all of that extra crap that's in regular peanut butter or the extra sugar in regular jelly. Wraps with fruit on the side for lunch is just so much better than sandwiches and chips. As their mother it's my responsibility to feed them healthy. Why would I want to set them up to be unhealthy, overweight adults? My husband and I both struggle with this because we don't always make very healthy choices. That is one reasons why I don't let my husband choose as many of our dinners anymore!

It looks like I have another busy day ahead of me. I need to run back to Target for a couple of things and then to the grocery store for a large shopping trip. Lets hope we all make it home in one piece. The commissary on a payday weekend is like going out into the jungle.

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