Monday, January 11, 2010

My Introduction

So here we are, a new year. I've decided that I will start a blog! A nice little outlet for a busy mom like myself.

I suppose I should start this off with a bit about myself and my life, huh? My name is Sarah. I'm married to Tony, an EMC in the Navy. We have 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. My boys are Alexander age 7, Cameron age 5, Wyatt age 3, Zayne age 1 and my little girl Annabella aka Gracie (her name is Annabella Grace) is 9 1/2 weeks old. I homeschool our oldest 2 boys. Oh and lets not forget our 2 dogs Stormy and Emmie. Stormy is an 18 month old silver Labrador and Emmie is an almost 3 year old Havanese/Bichon mix. So I'm a stay at home, Navy Wife, homeschooling mom.

I love art and photography. I am also a bleeding heart dog lover. If we didn't move around with the Navy I'd have more dogs. I pride myself in my dog training abilities too *insert big grin here*. I also like to keep a very clean and organized house. oh oh oh... and I am most proud that we are complimented on how well behaved our children are every time we go out.

Now that I'm done with that boring stuff, I'll move on and get this part out of the way. I'll take this time to address commonly asked Questions.

"Are you Mormon?" Um, No.

"Are you Catholic?" Again, no. In fact, we aren't religious at all really. I also do not homeschool for religious reasons at all.

"Do you have triplets?" No

"Do you have twins?" No

"Are you Crazy?" No... ok, ok... I'll go with maybe on this one, alright? geez.

"You know how this keeps happening right?" Why, yes I do. Thanks for asking though. If I didn't, I'd have been sure to ask you!

"Were some of them accidents?" NO. The next person who asks me this will probably get punched in the face too, so really. Don't ask. BUT, FYI, They were all planned, asshole.

"Are you trying to get a TV show?" Um, NO. What kind of freaking question is that anyway?

"How do you do it?" Well the secret is to beat them and lock them in the closet all day while I get drunk so I can cope with it... come on now, really? How do I do it? I JUST DO IT. I love them and care for them. It's pretty cut and dry.

"You have your hands full, don't you?" Yes and I like it that way.

"You kept trying just to have a girl, huh?" No. I'm pretty certain I would have had this many regardless. I know this question is sometimes asked jokingly, others ask me seriously and it's irritating. It's like saying I didn't really want my boys but I kept having kids until I got the one I wanted. It's a little rude.

"When are one of you getting fixed?" Ok, seriously... that's none of your damn business and it's rude to ask. Go away.

"Are you done having kids?" That is still undecided.

Now here my friends, is my most recent favorite. This was asked of me by a man working at Zales yesterday, after asking the age of all of my kids.

"Do you ever get them mixed up?" That was a joke right? NO? You're serious? You're an idiot.

There is the quick basic run down of who I am and what kind of family I have. There's a whole lot more too us, but that'll be obvious as I go on with this blog journey. It will be random, useful, crazy, unpredictable and maybe, just maybe, a little entertaining now and then. I'll even tell stories from things that have happened in the past too, because well, I like doing that sometimes.

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