Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of those days!

Yesterday was one of those days. The days that prove the lack of glamor in being a mother. Gracie spent half the day screaming bloody murder even when I rocked her. She did a lot of her screaming while I was trying to prepare dinner, which had several steps so it made it difficult. Then of course my husband came home very late without even calling to let me know, so by the time him and I ate everything was cold. Earlier in the day I made awesome Jack Daniels wings for Tony's potluck, which took some time and effort. Just everything in general yesterday was "one of those days".

Today has been a little better. The boys were well behaved this morning and did their school work. right before lunch I did a half hour or so on the treadmill and then got a quick shower. Thankfully Gracie was content and then fell asleep during that time! When I got into the shower that's when the boys decided to fight of course. I took care of that when I got out and then came downstairs to make the boys their lunch. While they ate I did some picking up and then cleaned the kitchen after they were done. This afternoon I dealt with the pest control service (they come quarterly to prevent us from getting bugs in the house and will come out in between for free to take care of any pest issues including spiders, wasp nests etc.), brushed Stormy and straightened up. I was going to do laundry until I walked in the laundry room to see the mess my husband left for me and just walked back out instead of getting upset. Tony was going to bring dinner home since today was another long day for him, but I decided to make dinner instead. I'm glad I did because it came out really good! I was hoping to relax this evening because I have a bad headache, but I have laundry and stuff to do. So... yeah. My work really is never done. In a little while I'll post the recipe for what I made for dinner!

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Linda said...

Sarah, what a crappy day you had yesterday, but ya know thats life. If life went smoothly every single day it would become so boring...
Glad your day has been better!