Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singing in the rain

Okay, so we weren't actually singing in the rain, but we ran our errands in this craptastic weather we are having today. I woke up this morning in a great mood. No headache for once. I got the house all in order, vacuumed etc. and we headed out for the afternoon. Yankee candle was our first stop and thankfully they exchanged our candle that wasn't burning right because of a short wick no problem, even with no receipt. If I am paying $25 for a large candle, I want it to burn evenly. From there we went over to Barnes and Noble, oh boy, was that a zoo! I guess the nice big bookstore is the place to be on a rainy Saturday afternoon! I was so overwhelmed with the cookbook selection that I kind of just randomly grabbed 2 that fit what I was looking for lol. The 2 cookbooks I bought are Fix-it and forget-it. Feasting with your slow cooker. and Fast & Healthy cookbook. Delicious family meals in 30 minutes or less. The second book is put out by Pillsbury. I'm one of those people that use recipes as a base, but changes the recipe to suit myself or my family better. So when I do that I'll post my version of the recipes when I'm happy with them. I also bought Alex and Cameron a couple of workbooks for school.

After making it out of Barnes and Noble lucky to be alive, we headed over to have dinner at Longhorn. The place wasn't packed at all, in fact it was only about half full because it was only 4:25 pm. We still had to wait for almost 45 minutes to be seated because they didn't have enough servers working. On a Saturday, that makes no sense to me. But then again, this was North Charleston and this place pretty much sucks. If we had known we would have had to wait that long we would have left. They didn't tell us we'd be waiting, just said they had to prepare a table for us. That is the downfall of going out to eat with a large family. Some establishments do not even have seating to accommodate us all together at one table. Applebees here comes to mind. If we have one more baby we'll have gratuity automatically added into our bill at most places because we'll be a party of 8! After waiting so long to be seated, we were given a waitress who was just terrible and to top it off they gave her another large party so she was even more terrible. At least my food was not too bad.

After dinner, we headed to finish our errands at Target. I fell in love with an outfit for Gracie, but I was good and didn't get it because she doesn't need any more cloths right now. I also found a tiny little freaking adorable bikini in 9 months, but again. I didn't get it. I did get myself a pair of pj pants though, because I need some pretty badly. I'm wearing them right now and they are great! I'm going to go back and get another pair while they still have them! Getting myself something is a HUGE thing for me since I never do that. The 3 older boys were being unusually irritating at Target. They are usually exceptionally well behaved but this evening they were just working on my nerves. They weren't bad, but not little angels as they usually are when we're out.

We came home a couple of hours ago. I put everything away and now we're mostly settled down for the night. I also cleaned out the refrigerator, organized and cleared out the pantry and organized the cabinet under the kitchen sink to prepare for us going grocery shopping tomorrow. Zayne is in bed and the other 3 boys are still up in the playroom watching TV together before we put them to bed. Let me tell you, going out with 5 young children to run errands is definitely a major outing and we still do it every week! I'm not sure if I'm crazy or what, but I actually enjoy it. Now it's time for me to make a menu and then a grocery list for shopping tomorrow! I don't think my day ever really ends.

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