Monday, February 8, 2010

The most rewarding job

For me, being a mother is the most rewarding job I could ever do. I stay home with my children and some may not look at it as work, but I do. Besides the fact that it isn't easy, I am also shaping our future. The way I raise my children will have an impact on our future. There is no other job I would want to do right now. Homeschooling is also so rewarding to me. When I watch my oldest son read, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I taught him how to read. It's a good feeling. Just about everything about being a mother and homeschooler is rewarding to me. Being here for my children every day, breastfeeding, serving them all of their meals etc. all of it is an experience I am grateful to have. I know I'm not a perfect mother, but I try.

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