Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cameron went to the Dr. and new pics of the boys :)

This morning we had an appointment for Cameron to go to the Dr. AGAIN for his eczema. This poor kid is ALWAYS broken out and nothing they give us for it works. I've been trying to get a referral to an allergist and a dermatologist for a couple of years now and he FINALLY got a referral today! It's about time! Sometimes you literally have to jump through hoops to get a referral or other things covered. As a matter of fact my husband is still waiting for Tricare to approve the surgery for the veinous reflux in his leg... still... waiting. Now lets see how long it actually takes for the referral to get in the system and then how long the waiting list for the Allergist and Dermatologist is. Joy.

After the Dr. appointment 3 of the 4 boys got a haircut (we're growing out Wyatt's curls <3). I took pictures of them of course!

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