Sunday, May 2, 2010

BumGenius Organic All In One/One Size Cloth Diaper Review

I'll admit, when I first tried this cloth diaper, I only ordered 1 because I thought I'd hate it. I read a lot of complaints about how long they take to dry and a few other little things.

After using it for a couple of weeks now, I must say I actually really like it! In fact, after the first week I ordered 6 more I loved it so much. Considering I have 5 kids, I like the convenience of the All In One and so far it seams to absorb very well. I have not had any real issues with leaks and it has contained a couple of really good poop-splosions. One other aspect of this diaper that I really like is the fact that it's pretty trim. Gracie is a tiny little thing and it fits her very nicely, where as the one size pocket diapers (Rumparooz and Blueberry) we have are still quite bulky on her right now at 6 months old. You have to expect some degree of bulk when you're talking about a one size diaper, it's really unavoidable, BUT these BG Organic's are noticeably less bulky.

A couple of things I'd love to see different about these diapers, is maybe some kind of gussets to help contain poop messes more effectively or for them to make snap in soakers so you can remove them for quicker drying. They do take longer to dry like many other reviewers have stated about them, but it's not near as much of a hassle as some have made it out to be. For ME the nice trim fit we get on our small baby is worth the slightly longer drying time. These are excellent for daycares/childcare providers and dads :).

So all in all, I think these are a great diaper. They have some room for small improvements, but so do most. Trim fit. Absorbs well. I give this diaper a 4.5 out of 5.

In a few months I'll do an updated review on how they have held up and all of that fun stuff.

She loves her cloth diapers! ;)


Trey said...

Sweet, thanks for the review! I'm gonna try these (with snaps too), Fuzzi Buns and GroBaby for the time being. I like the idea of all in one too and I am only buying one size too.

Are you using disposable wipes? Biodegradable? Cloth?

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

I have a Fuzzibuns OS pocket coming to try this week :D.

I use cloth wipes :). I spray them with Lil' Outlaws Rump Solution to wipe her :). Technically I only have 10 "cloth wipes" the others are cheapie wash rags from Target lol.

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Oh and yah, I don't have anything but snaps. I'll have 2 BG 3.0 which are velcro, but those I won so they were free lol.