Monday, May 31, 2010

Encouraging words can mean so much

Lately I've been feeling a bit down. Feeling down that I don't have a real income, feeling down about my appearance, wondering if I'm doing the right things for my kids etc. It's all been sparked by lack of money, debt and comments by people. Lately i get the feeling from people that I am viewed as if I don't do anything or I don't do much anyway. I care for the 5 children, I homeschool, I clean the house etc. People will suggest I do this or that to earn money. I truthfully don't have the time. I wish I did. If I had the time for some kind of part-time job, perhaps I'd have the time to do more than throw my hair into a pony-tail on any given day or spend time on hobbies that I haven't much more than thought about in years or perhaps REALLY work out regularly so I could be in better shape. I'm even typing this while I help work on dinner with my husband. I just wish people realized that 5 young children and homeschooling is an enormous job in itself. I may not have an income, but I work.

Anyway, on the the encouraging words part... Yesterday we (meaning the 7 of us) had to run errands so we stopped at the deli to have lunch. While we were there 3 different older couples/groups made it a point to come and tell us how beautiful our family is and how very well behaved all of our children are. They really stressed how wonderful our kids are and told us how great of a job we're doing with them. One of the older men sat near us and he was conversing with me about the children. We talked about the homeschooling and all of the things involving how we are raising them. He told me how great it is that I'm home raising them and he was VERY supportive of me homeschooling them. He told me how him and his wife had homeschooled their son because of the lousy school system here, which is even worse now than it was back then. He was just SO encouraging and positive about everything I do. He also acknowledged on his own just how much work I do and how I must have endless things to do. Especially because the task of homeschooling is solely on me. This man has NO IDEA how much his encouragement means to me. We are always complimented on how well behaved the kids are, but rarely do I get that kind of encouragement about staying home, homeschooling etc. He made me feel good about what I'm doing. I needed it and I appreciate it so much.

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