Monday, May 24, 2010

Regarding Better Homes and Gardens

Hey there folks! Today, after I posted my "Fired Up" vent about the very distasteful article written by Heather W. at Better Homes and Gardens, I posted some comments (maybe some not so nice) as well as a link to my blog on BHG's Facebook page. Better Homes and Garden's apologized, took feedback from real mothers and published a much more positive and encouraging article with helpful tips. Here is the article . I don't find it particularly helpful, but that's because I have my own methods that work great for my family, but that's neither here nor there. Along with that, the Assistant Editor Joanna Linberg also commented and apologized on my blog! I have the comment quoted below.

Hi, Sarah,

I'm commenting to let you know we read your post and the comments. You're right--the post was entirely inappropriate and should not have been published. Our official statement is here:

And our new story, based on tips real moms gave us on our Facebook page is here:

Again, we are so sorry for posting this and that you were offended.


Joanna Linberg
Assistant Editor
Better Homes and Gardens

I must say, the action that Better Homes and Gardens took today, has greatly effected and improved my feelings toward them. They made me feel like they do care about how offensive and even hurtful, that article was to so many. Now I'd just like to see the Author of the distasteful article, Heather W. issue some sort of apology. Stating your opinion is one thing, but putting it out there as a directive or a must, is inappropriate and offensive. That was made pretty clear with the uproar her distasteful and offensive article caused the past 2 days.

So, kudos to you Better Homes and Gardens!

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