Friday, May 7, 2010

The significance of a blanket

I was thinking about some things yesterday and I really started thinking about the military lifestyle and how it effects kids. We move around a lot. Some bases are nice, some are not. Some places the cost of living is affordable so we can have a nicer place to live, others it's higher and it's harder to have a nice place. It's hard for us as adults, but even more for the children. They leave behind their friends, their favorite park to play at, the house the have grown attached to... they just leave behind so much every time, just like us adults do.

It occurred to me that some people just may not realize the significance of little things that don't go away with the moves, even for older kids, not just babies. Pets, toys, blankets.... This brings me to the meaning of the title of this entry. The Significance of a blanket. Blankets are one thing that every one of my kids have taken an attachment to. Not in the sense that they take them everywhere with them on a daily basis, but they sleep with the same blanket every night and when we take trips or move, those blankets are attached to them like a limb in the vehicle and stay that way until we're home or at our new home. I hadn't put much thought into it until recently when I noticed that my boys blankets really needed to be replaced because they are falling apart.

When I talked to the boys they were very hesitant to let me do anything with the blankets and I didn't really understand why until I stepped back and looked at it from their point of view. These blankets have made 2 big moves with them. Those blankets were by their sides from Virginia to Maine and from Maine to South Carolina. They slept with them during the drives, hotel stays, storms etc. That's when I realized, those blankets aren't just a blanket, they are their friends who never leave them. They are their comfort when they don't feel good, when they are tired and when they are cold. They are cloaks, islands, tents, life rafts.... they have been so many things in their imaginations over the years. They are just so much more than a blanket. In a year we'll be moving once again, this time leaving behind the first home we've owned, leaving behind the big fenced in backyard with the big playset they love, leaving behind their bedrooms and their playroom, leaving behind the "train" park. They are already a little sad knowing that the best house with the best yard that we've ever lived in will soon be another thing in our past on this journey.

I decided that since their blankets have been so important to them, that I'd get them new blankets while we're still here. New blankets to make memories with in this home, to take with us when we go. I wanted them to be special this time, so I let them choose the prints and colors that their new handmade blankets would be made out of. They were a little expensive, yes. But to get them something so special to them, that is something so simple, it was a small expense for the memories they will make with them. There are so many tents, forts and imaginative things to come out of 5 simple handmade blankets. Maybe it sounds silly to some, but it makes so much sense to me.

This my friends, is the significance of a blanket.

I love them with everything I have :)

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RockerByeBaby said...

I got a little teary eyed... such a sweet post mama :) So glad I could be a part of those memories :)

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Now you know why I was so excited about them :) (well besides the fact that they are cool lol)

nicole flowers said...

Awesome post. (new follower here :D)