Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Insulting Breastfeeding Is "IN"...

...and make sure you do it as obnoxiously, vulgar and piggish as possible while you're at it, to be a REALLY cool kid! That's What Adrianne Curry thinks anyway!

Adrianne Curry is a celebrity / model / "America's First Top Model" vulgar, attention seeking child of a woman girl. She jumped on the "lets insult breastfeeding" bandwagon. I didn't let Kim Kardashians comments get under my skin because I think she just spoke or "tweeted" before she thought and kind of ate her own foot. However, Adrianne's comments just down right p***ed me off. Now let me tell you, I'm no prude. I have the mouth of a salty sailor and the crude sense of humor to go along with it, BUT some of her comments were down right disgusting. There is no other way to put it... she is a childish, immature, selfish, self absorbed, disgusting pig. I know people that are uncomfortable around breastfeeding, but they wouldn't speak about it the way she did.

Breast feeding in public? Some say its ok cause it's natural..but so is eating pussy, but I dont see every1 doing that ; ) lol
"Eating Pussy" is natural huh? So we are all born with this natural survival instinct to "eat pussy"? Really? You're an Idiot.

Im sure I'll get blasted4it, but I find a baby sucking breast milk out of a nipple in public a little gross. I wouldnt do it.2each their own
You're only getting "blasted" because of the first statement you made.

sucking on nip[ples is just as sexual as eating someone out, in my book
That's because you have issues. Go to therapy. An infant or toddler nursing is not sexual like a man sucking on a woman's nipples. In that sense breasts have 2 completely different "identities".

it grosses a lot of people out. I would never wip my nipple out in public so some 12 yr old boy can fap to it later
Says the female who you can find naked pictures of all over the internet. You think a 12 year old boy has never looked at one of your boob pics online and "fapped", as you call it? Just for the record... my nipples do not "whip", it's more of a bouncy "plop" along with my boob (and I don't "whip" or "plop" mine out to breastfeed in public anyway. I don't need my whole boob out to do it). I'd love to see the breastfeeding mother who is actually physically able to "whip" her boob or nipple out, it'd be quite entertaining to say the least!

Thats it, u people are fucktards. I dont give a shit how you act in public, be a mother dog feeding her pups if thats what u want! NOT ME
See, here's the thing. You are entitled to not like it, it's your opinion, but being crude and vulgar in your delivery just makes you look like a gigantic douche.

Ok, so PEEING and POOPING is natural too, so why dont we start doing that publicly? Christ! double standards!
Breastfeeding is EATING. You eat in public right? Comparing breastfeeding to urinating and having a bowel movement is so offensive and ignorant. They are NOT the same thing and it makes people who use that comparison look like down right assholes. The breastfed baby deserves to eat just like you do. I would also like to point out that not all babies will nurse with their head covered by a blanket. Many will pull it off, my daughter included. Would YOU eat with a blanket over your head?

There are several other comments I wont bother to quote here, but most are just as bad. I question if the issues that she obviously and admittedly has, are a factor in her strong feelings against breastfeeding in public. I can only assume they are. If that is the case, that is YOUR problem Adrianne Curry, not mine or any other breastfeeding mother's. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding, it's not dirty, it's not crude, it's not indecent exposure... it's nourishing the child. For me and most other breastfeeding mothers I know our sexual identity where our breasts fit in and our breastfeeding relationships with our child are 2 entirely separate things.

Now let me tell you, I did not always breastfeed my children. My first 3 boys were not breastfed. My views on so many things have changed since then. When I look back, I regret that I didn't breastfeed them as well. There are so many good things about breastfeeding from the nutrition to the bonding. It really makes me sad that so many people treat it as if it's something dirty or gross. "Celebrities" saying such strong INACCURATE things against it doesn't help any.

Here are some Breastfeeding Facts from the World Health Organization.

WHO strongly recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. At six months, other foods should complement breastfeeding for up to two years or more. In addition:

  • breastfeeding should begin within an hour of birth;
  • breastfeeding should be "on demand", as often as the child wants day and night; and
  • bottles or pacifiers should be avoided.
Breast milk is the ideal food for newborns and infants. It gives infants all the nutrients they need for healthy development. It is safe and contains antibodies that help protect infants from common childhood illnesses - such as diarrhoea and pneumonia, the two primary causes of child mortality worldwide. Breast milk is readily available and affordable, which helps to ensure that infants get adequate sustenance.

Breastfeeding also benefits mothers. The practice when done exclusively often induces a lack of menstruation, which is a natural (though not fail-safe) method of birth control. It reduces risks of breast and ovarian cancer later in life, helps women return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster, and lowers rates of obesity.

Beyond the immediate benefits for children, breastfeeding contributes to a lifetime of good health. Adults who were breastfed as babies often have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, as well as lower rates of overweight, obesity and type-2 diabetes. There is evidence that people who were breastfed perform better in intelligence tests.

Infant formula does not contain the antibodies found in breast milk and is linked to some risks, such as water-borne diseases that arise from mixing powdered formula with unsafe water (many families lack access to clean water). Malnutrition can result from over-diluting formula to "stretch" supplies. Further, frequent feedings maintain the breast milk supply. If formula is used but becomes unavailable, a return to breastfeeding may not be an option due to diminished breast milk production.

For HIV-positive mothers, WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months unless replacement feeding is:

  • acceptable (socially welcome)
  • feasible (facilities and help are available to prepare formula)
  • affordable (formula can be purchased for six months)
  • sustainable (feeding can be sustained for six months)
  • safe (formula is prepared with safe water and in hygienic conditions).

An international code to regulate the marketing of breast-milk substitutes was adopted in 1981. It calls for:

  • all formula labels and information to state the benefits of breastfeeding and the health risks of substitutes;
  • no promotion of breast-milk substitutes;
  • no free samples of substitutes to be given to pregnant women, mothers or their families; and
  • no distribution of free or subsidized substitutes to health workers or facilities.
Breastfeeding has to be learned and many women encounter difficulties at the beginning. Nipple pain, and fear that there is not enough milk to sustain the baby are common. Health facilities that support breastfeeding - by making trained breastfeeding counsellors available to new mothers - encourage higher rates of the practice. To provide this support and improve care for mothers and newborns, there are now more than 20 000 "baby-friendly" facilities in 152 countries thanks to a WHO-UNICEF initiative.

WHO recommends that a new mother should have at least 16 weeks of absence from work after delivery, to be able to rest and breastfeed her child. Many mothers who go back to work abandon exclusive breastfeeding before the recommended six months because they do not have sufficient time, or an adequate place to breastfeed or express and store their milk at work. Mothers need access to a safe, clean and private place in or near their workplaces to continue the practice.

To meet the growing needs of babies at six months of age, complementary foods should be introduced as they continue to breastfeed. Foods for the baby can be specially prepared or modified from family meals. WHO notes that:

  • breastfeeding should not be decreased when starting complementary feeding;
  • complementary foods should be given with a spoon or cup, not in a bottle;
  • foods should be clean, safe and locally available; and
  • ample time is needed for young children to learn to eat solid foods.

In closing, I'd like to say to Adrianne Curry that she should go screw herself learn a little tact, a little compassion and educate herself about breastfeeding. It is not right for everyone, but do not shun those who do it. Making people who are breastfeeding and nourishing their child out in public feel like they are doing something wrong is a pretty crappy thing to do. I've experienced being made to feel uncomfortable while I had a baby who wanted to nurse and we were at a restaurant. It's not a good feeling.


The Spanns said...

I have to say that I am so proud of how far long you have come. I remember many debates years ago. Keep on blogging!

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

I finally went with what felt right rather than what was more socially acceptable. I still circ'd... but we all have our differences :P lol

The Spanns said...

We all have grown and changed. I no longer feel that it is my way or the highway. Whether circ'd or not, whether vaccinated or not, all our kids are still going to drive us crazy! LOL