Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on my blog about Target last night!

Here is my update to this blog entry that I made last night

This afternoon while my husband, myself and our children were running errands, my husband received a phone call. The call was from a very nice representative of Target Corporation (I apologize, my husband does not recall his name). Apparently my blog post from last night made a big enough impact in a short amount of time that it made it to the executive level of the company. They matched up the email I posted with their system and got the info to contact my husband based on his email to them through their website.

"Hello, is this Tony L*****?"
"Yes, This is Tony L*****"
"I'm calling about the issues you had with the Target store."
"You're wife was the one who blogged about it, correct?"
"Yes, she was."

The representative was VERY apologetic about our whole experience. He went on to tell us that it is absolutely not the Target Corporation's policy to sell expired food and this was an issue with the store that they are now, after being made aware of this situation, dealing with on all levels in the store. He assured us the store was not following Target's procedures and he too would have been appalled had he been in our situation with how it was handled. He also said that the email response my husband received was not handled correctly and that was a fail in their channels there as well. He said they will be using this as an example to make improvements in Target as a whole.

I want to say how impressed I am with how quickly Target Corporation took action after seeing my blog. I only posted it late last night and received a phone call shortly before 5 pm this afternoon. The fact that it was noticed, made it's way to the executives, was discussed and we received a call so quickly, is really great and gives me some confidence that Target Corporation does want to fix this issue. The acknowledgment of our situation and the quick response directly to us, along with much apologies and thanks, is very much appreciated by my husband and myself. Thank You, Target. I'd love to name the nice man who called us if someone from Target would like to let me know.

So there is my update, Here's to hoping our next Target trip this weekend is a good one!


Unknown said...

Target Corp is amazing. You better believe they will be taking care of that store and their store manager. I had a problem with the Target here. Nothing major but I called Corporate and they were great and extremely apologetic.

Amanda Smith said...

Yay! My faith in Target has returned! That is my favorite store ever and I was so so disappointed with them after reading your post. I'm really happy that they stepped up. :]