Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little more than a week into Cameron's soy, rice, barley and buckwheat free diet!

As the title says, it's just a little over a week into our diet/lifestyle change. It's obviously more than just a change for Cameron since I don't want him to have to eat completely separate meals from everyone for every meal. Dinners are now completely soy/barley/buckwheat/rice free for everyone. I'm now making all of our bread, so all of the bread in the house is soy/barley/buckwheat/rice free. We make sure he has cereal for breakfast that is safe for him to have and sides with lunch that he can have. Some things he has separate from his brothers, but now most of our food in the house he can have. It has been a very big adjustment. You have no idea how many things have just soy alone, until you have to eliminate it from your diet. With the other allergies on top of the soy allergy, it makes many things a VERY big challenge. When we find things that don't have soy, they often have barley or rice in some form.

I was already big on preparing healthy food, but now even a lazy day of picking up fast food or ordering a pizza isn't an option. He can't have those things anymore. (this is a good thing in 1 way. This is stuff we DON'T really need to ever eat) If we want pizza, we have to make homemade dough and make the pizza ourselves. We have yet to find a place that makes dough that is free of all of his allergens or a pre-made dough, even at Whole Foods or Earth Fare that is safe for him to have. Of course, a LOT of the healthy food we ate, also had these things in it.

In just a week, Cameron's skin has improved probably 70%, the circles under his eyes are lighter and he's not as irritable. It's just crazy how much of a difference the diet change has made already! I am still really frustrated that it took this long to get the Drs. to test him for food allergies. But, now we know he has these allergies and we're able to help him. I am really excited to see him fully clear up! I have not seen his skin completely clear in 5 years, I just can't wait!

My mom and dad bought us a Bread Maker, bread slicer and a bread keeper (to cover Tony's birthday, our anniversary and my birthday at once lol). I am VERY grateful they did! I have to make bread pretty much daily, so it makes that quite a bit easier.

So, this was my little update of our new adventure so far!

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