Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do people think before they speak?

Here I am, typing out another blog today! This time, it's because I am annoyed... well, I don't know if I'd say annoyed, but I'm just a little set back about how rude some people are.

I just wonder if people even think for half a second before they open their mouths? I wonder if when they say something rude or just flat out stupid, if they even realize it or care? Like I have talked about before, my family gets so many comments from people. Sometimes very kind and often rude or just flat out stupid. Now onto what happened today that prompted this little vent... I took Annabella to her re-check for the double ear infection she had (She is 15lbs 4ozs! She'll be 9 months tomorrow and has gained more than a pound since 8 months!!! That's great for her since she is so tiny!). One of the AD Navy staff working at the clinic (an officer of some sort, I didn't pay much attention to her uniform lol) came in while I waited for the pedi NP and was talking to the baby, going on and on about how cute she is etc. We were just discussing children and I made reference to my 5. She stopped and said "She's your 5th?" I told her yes and that the other 4 were boys. She got very serious and said "You have 4 boys and wanted to get pregnant again? Are you CRAZY? She said this very seriously, as if she was really truthfully expecting me to tell her I'm "crazy" or mentally ill. *pause* *awkward silence* *crickets* Finally I just said "I really enjoy my kids and being a mom." She just smiled at the baby again, told her she was cute and left the room because someone needed her. How. Awkward... Now, this wasn't a mean or terribly awful comment, but really? What kind of response do people expect when they ask a question like that? Do they expect me to say "As matter of fact I AM crazy! How did you know!?" Do people think asking things like that is really acceptable? It honestly didn't upset me, because I have been asked much more offensive and rude things (Like assuming my pregnancy must have been an accident). But, it does make me think and wonder what they expect me to say.

Maybe I'll start firing back whacked out responses to see their reactions! *evil grin* For example, when people see I have 5 kids and rudely say "OMG! How old are you!?" while making a disgusted face at me. I can respond with "I'm 21" just to see what they will say and make them squirm! What are they thinking when they say or ask something like that? Do they actually expect an outrageous answer? Hmmm, maybe I should give them one and see how it goes! I think what it comes down to, is some of these people are just plain old rude.

Ahh, the list of stupid, semi-rude, VERY-rude and just plain awkward comments is SO long. Maybe someday I'll start a compilation! lol I have to say though, the rude people and rude comments make the sweet people and sweet comments or even innocent well meaning, yet silly questions, that much better :). This past Sunday at the commissary, for example. This beautiful woman looked over at me and whispered as we were passing eachother "Oh my gosh, 5. How do you do it? I can barely handle my 1." and glanced at her very beautiful toddler daughter. She then said "You're my hero." While it was a little silly, it was sweet too. I appreciate when people have positive and nice things to say.

On a completely different subject, real quick! An old friend of mine yesterday was talking about how I've always had a little bit of an attitude, just enough, but not bitchy or mean. He then said "You're like spicy food!", which I said was fitting because some people love it and some people hate it! hah! I don't know why I found the comparison so amusing, but I did lol.


Anonymous said...

People seriously do need to learn to think before they speak.

You, my friend, are definitely spicy food! I like it!

Anonymous said...

I get it a lot too and I only have four boys (for now :-P ) but it is annoying. The other day we were also grocery shopping and I had two of the kids in my cart and Zach and Niko were on my tail with Robert. A guy walked by and said something along the lines, "Oh wow, it's a day where everybody let the kids out!" I guess now there are only certain days that we are allowed to take young children shopping. I didn't get that memo but he did I reckon. It is annoying and people definately need to learn to think before they speak.

As for the age response, I am only 23, have 4 sons and am married and it is fun seeing people about pee themselves in disbelief when I say "Yes, I was married first." "Yes, they are ALL my husbands as well." "Yes, they are ALL mine." "No, there are no twins." The questions will never end!

R said...

You should start saying sarcastic answers back. I would ;)

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Yeah, Joy. I got it all of the time when I just had the 4 boys too lol. I'm a few years older than you, but my oldest is also about to turn 8 lol. I am almost ALWAYS asked if they are all mine, which doesn't bother me because I suppose I could be baby sitting or something in their mind lol.