Friday, August 27, 2010

These poor deprived Homeschooled children!

My kids must really be missing out, not going to "real" school... or are they?

This week we made 2 bookstore trips to look at, read and buy some new books, transfered plants that they grew from seeds into pots, looked for and studied vascular plants, looked for and found moss to study and made a homemade barometer.

But seriously, this week went really well. The kids are doing great with all of their work and they're having a great time while doing it! I couldn't really ask for any more than that :). We've had lots of hands on Science, looked at some books on weather at the Bookstore and bought some more "fun" reading material.

Our second trip to Barnes and Noble this week.

The kids plants. This will be an ongoing project because they are growing cress that they will have to care for and can eat later! (This is for Cameron's curriculum, but they are all involved.)

The older 3 boys looking for Moss. (For Alex's curriculum, but they are all involved.)

Please excuse our redneck Barometer... That's the only glass bottle we had that we were willing to empty out the contents lol. (Cameron's second experiment in his curriculum, but again, they are all involved.) PS. That's a balloon, not a condom.

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