Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things can't always be smooth sailing, right?

We are almost finished with our first week of school. Over all, it's been pretty great. BUT, Alex isn't really feeling the, doing work that he doesn't enjoy thing... he's doing his work and not really resisting, but he's being so slow with things he doesn't feel like doing! This isn't anything new with him, I just have to get him back into the groove. Today was a challenging day for me, I need to tweak Alex's schedule a bit because I just CAN'T have another day like today. It took far too long to get his work for the day done and I am completely burned out. Things can't ALWAYS be smooth sailing right? I'll just keep telling myself that!

On a great note, Cameron is doing excellent! He's excited to do his work, he's doing it quickly and he's really enjoying it! He's so eager he keeps asking to do more work after he has his work for the day done. It's so nice to have a child this eager to learn! Wyatt is very much like Cameron with being eager. I'm not doing a full curriculum for him since it's Pre-k, but he has plenty to do that he is having fun with.

I took a quick picture when we were starting their first day of school.

The 3 older boys watching a science experiment this evening.

In closing, I am more than willing to take the tough days with the good days. This journey is such a rewarding one and I wouldn't give it up for anything...

even a little sanity...

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