Sunday, August 22, 2010

Words From Dad: Why do I have so many kids?

So it seems lately that I have been getting more and more looks, or surprised exclaimations when people see or hear how many kids my wife and I have. It has got me thinking about having so many, and why people are so surprised by it.

First, did I ever imagine having 5 kids? NO, LOL, not at all. But here I am anyway. Sometimes I do ask myself "How did I get here?", but then I look at my beautiful wife and remember how much I love her, and how much I really love the family we have. Now that I have this many do I regret it? That is an easy NO, also. It is very hard work, although Sarah deals with the brunt of it and she is a truly amazing mother. But no matter how hard it is, they are all so intelligent, funny, loving, and beautiful children, it makes it easy.
I love my children. Am I the perfect Dad? No not at all, but do my kids think I am, YES. And that fact right there is what makes having them so awesome, and so rewarding. Its that unconditional love that a child has for their mommy and daddy, that makes no price too steep for having them. Makes the thought of having another, not so bad ;).

My second thought, is why is it sooo strange/weird/amazing/tv show like/{insert random insult/compliment here} that my wife and I have 5 kids? Is it the fact that we have 5? Or the fact that we have 5, we are still together, and/or that I am the father of all of them? I mean really, I hear of people who have 5, 7, or maybe even 10 kids all the time. Now granted ususally they dont see half of them, or the state has a few, but having 5 is not that really that many children. Which adds to this thought... Why the hell do people have to throw comments good or bad out there? The good ones are great, but the ones that say stuff like "Oh look its John and Kate plus 8" are an insult. One of these times I will walk up to the person, and say "Oh look its an inbred moronic asshole" and just walk away. Lets see how they like that. People really dont think before they speak sometimes.

My next thought is the compliments we get at resturants or the like. I mean dont get me wrong, I love hearing how well behaved our children are, but something about it just seems wrong. Our children act like children at the table in the resturant, but they dont run around or yell or throw things. That is not acceptable behavior for ANYONE, children and adults alike. So if our children are sitting down being good, what are other parents doing?!?! We are not slave drivers, we dont bring whips with us, we just tell our children to sit and be good. They know what we expect from them. They listen, and play with the crayons, or make maps on the silverware roll tie, or even use the forks like little guys running around. Sometimes I feel like parents are more interested in to listening to their kids feelings, and letting them have a say, and they forget they are children!!! and that they need to be guided and taught. My children need to learn basic problem solving skills on their own. They need to learn how to research stuff on their own. They do not need to teach themselves how to behave in public, or around other people. That is what us parents are here for.

My final thought. I know that I am not perfect. I know that there are things that I could improve upon or learn new techinques. But I also know, that my children love me, just as much as I love them, and that in their eyes, I am "The Best Daddy in the Whole World!" That sentence alone makes every sleepless night, every numb arm, and every spent dollar, so very worth it.

~ Tony

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Melina said...

This ranks up there with the best blog posts I've ever read. Good job, T :)