Friday, November 19, 2010

The Base Clinic Strikes Again

I am one of those military dependents who try to see the best in the military facilities and yet, I'm let down time and time again with poor care in one way or another. Today was another bad day at the military clinic and it was the last straw for my husband and I. We're switching to Tricare Standard and will pay to choose civilian providers come Monday.

I'll try to make this story as short as possible. I waited almost an hour past my appointment just to be called back. Now this alone was irritating, but would not have bothered me too much if they were actually busy. There were hardly any patients and all of the staff, including the drs and midwives who were seeing patients were taking their sweet time getting to patients, laughing, bullshitting with each other... you get the picture. When I was called back for my weight, BP and to be checked in, it took around 20 minutes just to do that because they had my file so messed up. Every paper had my name spelled wrong in various different ways. The woman had to re-label every single paper in my file. When I was finally put into the exam room, I waited a while longer in there.

By the time the midwife came in, I had been waiting nearly 2 hours past my appointment time. I told her I was unhappy about this and she pretty much told me tough shit and to get used to it. We went over my blood work, she asked some questions and she went on to do the most painful pap I've ever had. It was terrible and I've been having cramps since.

After that was all said and done I had to go check out. The woman who does the check out was sitting there having a good old time chatting it up with an AD female Coast Guard member. Finally after waiting for 15 minutes listening to them enjoy a personal conversation, I stood up and told the HM1 in a nearby office I was about to blow up on someone. He was actually very nice, despite my obvious frustration and what I can only imagine came across as bitchiness. While he was checking me out, I realize the paper sitting there waiting to go into my file had my blood type listed as O+... I am B+!!! I told him this and had him note it on that sheet of paper, but I still have no idea if it is correct in the rest of my file or not. The file was so messed up, I will not be surprised if it's wrong in there as well. For me, that was the final straw. Having my blood type wrong in my medical file is dangerous! It's also scary.

This facility is nothing but chaos. When you ask people where you need to go for something, they every time, without fail, send you on a wild goose chase (thus far in my experience). No one knows where anything is, no one knows the procedures for anything and most of them are painfully lazy.

I am currently waiting to see if DHEC here in the state of South Carolina will grant me a waiver to use the Charleston Birth Place here in North Charleston, SC, because they have a rule about women who have had 6 or more pregnancies not using birth centers. It's a terribly outdated law and I'm the 5th waiver they have asked for. The others were granted, so I'm hoping mine will be as well. We were waiting on this to switch over to tricare standard, but now, we're switching regardless. It's so frustrating to me that the majority of my experiences with the military facilities have been very negative. I know many others who share the same feelings.

Here's to hoping DHEC grants my waiver!


Unknown said...

My fingers r crossed for y'all !! good luck keep me posted if u want my number email me

Unknown said...

I am Tricare and planning to switch care at 25wks to Charleston Birth Place... I was wondering how much it cost you to use them? I switched to standard and was told it was only a $75 fee but they kind of changed the story on the phone today... ANY info would be great!! Thank you!!