Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fight Is On... Apparently.

I am going to be blogging along the way as we deal with the issues we've been having here at Naval Health Clinic Charleston. This is my way to sort of keep record and maintain accountability.

This complaint explains 2 different incidents I have dealt with recently and have been unable to make a complaint about at Naval Health Center Charleston. There is no ICE form or any feedback forms available online or at the clinic to do so. This is proving to be very frustrating for us and now we're being forced to go up the chain of command to look for resolution. I was instructed to write up this complaint.

Do they REALLY? I think not.

This is my complaint about the unacceptable substandard level of care I have received at Naval Health Clinic Charleston.

On November 19th, 2010, I had an appointment at Women's Health for a prenatal visit. I was there for more than 2 hours past my appointment, which would not have been too much of an issue to me if there hadn't been few patients and multiple staff sitting/walking around chatting, literally doing nothing.

It took more than 20 minutes just to check me in because my file was such a mess. My name was wrong in multiple different ways (spelling, name etc.) on every single item in the file. The woman checking me in had to go over every single item and redo all of the labels. This is an issue that was previously brought up by the ultrasound tech on October 28th, 2010. She physically walked my folder over to one of the staff and pointed out that my file was a mess. In more then 3 weeks time, no one fixed that file.

When I finally saw the midwife and addressed the very long wait and lazy staff I witnessed. She told me to get used to it. I was also given the worst, most painful pap smear I've ever had and I've had 5 pregnancies, so this isn't a new adventure for me.

When I was ready to checkout. The woman in the office that does the checkouts left me sitting for roughly 15 minutes while she chatted with an AD female CG member (I overheard a personal conversation). That is when I got up and said something to a nearby HM, expressing how displeased I was. He was the first kind staff member I had dealt with that day and promptly took me into his office to get me checked out.

While waiting to checkout, I was looking over the paper they had given me to hand in while being checked out. They had my blood type wrong. I find this to be just about the most unacceptable thing I have encountered in all of the issues I've had with this base clinic over the past 3 years, due to it being a dangerous error. This is my health and well being. It also makes me very concerned and very uncomfortable. I question and doubt the integrity, reliability and professionalism of the staff. This concern extends beyond just this department. I have serious concerns with the whole Naval Health Clinic Charleston.

On November 17th, 2010, My 12 month old daughter, Annabella, had her 12 month well baby visit in Pediatrics. Two male corpsman were in the room to get her vitals and stats. One did the physical work and the other, HM2 Bin**** sat down writing it all down (except for when he measured her head). My daughter is very scared of the staff at the clinic, to the point that when they touch her, she cries and screams. HM2 Bin****, was very rude to me about this. He asked me several times if I could make her be quiet as well as rudely asking what her problem was. He was clearly very flustered by her crying. When he stood up and measured her head, he was rough with her as he did it (and took an incorrect measurement as well). The other corpsman remained professional and even cheerful despite her crying.

When my daughter was weighed, HM2 Bin**** commented with a very apparent rude tone, that she had dropped on the weight chart, while scowling at me. My daughter is healthy and just thin. Any health issues were ruled out and she is very nutritionally sound. I did not appreciate his obvious disapproval, when he does not know the medical history of my child and he is not a Dr. This was also not my first encounter with this extremely rude and arrogant corpsman, HM2 Bin****. I absolutely will not let him touch or go near any of my children again.

The final issue I would like to address in this complaint is the fact that there is no ICE form available online for Naval Health Clinic Charleston on the site or the site as of today, November 29th, 2010. There are no feedback forms available for Naval Health Clinic Charleston whatsoever. The email to the HMC that is provided, I've never received a response from.

On November 29th, 2010, my husband EMC Lay***, went into Naval Health Clinic Charleston to ask about getting an ICE form. Of the multiple personnel he spoke with, no one had any idea what he was speaking about. He was only given the generic opinion card, that I am attaching this complaint to. I find it absolutely unacceptable that there is no way to make a formal complaint without having to take it up the chain of command.

Sarah Lay***

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