Friday, February 25, 2011

The Adventures Of Parenthood

Today was one of those days I had the pleasure misfortune of experiencing one of those many wonderful adventures of parenthood. My daughter, the gorgeous, tiny little princess that she is, painted a masterpiece in her crib... With her poop. When I walked into her room to get her up from her afternoon nap, there she was standing, smiling at me with her big huge grin. She was covered from head to toe in poo, her room smelled something fierce and she was reaching her little tiny hands that were completely caked with poop out to me, signaling she wanted me to pick her up. I said "Annabella what did you do!?" and then I couldn't do anything else but laugh. She laughed along with me of course.

After briefly assessing what I was up against, I ran into my bathroom and started running the water for a bath, then ran back into her room to get her to the bath as quickly as possible. I picked her up around her middle, holding her out away from me, trying not to let her touch me. I cringed as she was patting my arm with her poop covered hand and hurried her into the tub. I had to soak and scrub her for a good half an hour to get it all off of her. The scene in the tub was something out of a twisted horror movie. Trying to battle the poop down the drain so I could rinse out the tub and properly wash her was a task in itself. I swear it was crawling and swimming against the flow of water! In the end, I won and she was clean!

Am I surprised this happened? Of course not. I've been down this road before. She is #5 after all. I couldn't possibly be mad about it either, she's only 15 months old. The whole fiasco was easily avoidable, though! She has taken her diaper off on several occasions already, but luckily without disaster, until today that is. My husband and I both know that she HAS to be in PJ's or a onsie when she's in bed for a nap or for the night, to successfully avoid any diaper incidents. He put her down for her nap in a diaper only. He was just asking for trouble doing that. I bet she was even thinking that! He did change her sheet and clean up her bed when he got home from taking our 2 year old to the Dr. though (Poor guy has an ear infection), so it was alright.

Lets face it, poop, pee, spit-up, baby food etc. It just comes with the territory. It happens to the best of us. I'd like to flatter myself and say that we are pretty good at avoiding this type of disaster, but even so, it happens now and then!

This poop disaster today fondly reminded me of the massive poop-splosion this same child had all over me right before we were about to walk into Barnes and Noble when she was a few months old. I was breastfeeding her in our van, before unloading all of the kids to head into the bookstore. She just... exploded... in her diaper. But it didn't stay in her diaper. She made a mess all of my jeans. I always have a change of clothes for the babies, but not for myself. It was bad enough we had to drive all the way home just for me to change and drive back to the bookstore. At the time it was a little irritating, but looking back, it really is funny.

I could probably write an entire book just about the baby mess disasters we've had with our kids so far. Ahhh, the adventures of parenthood!


rosie said...

First I want to say I love your blog.

I can totally relate to your poop story. When Carson was a baby we were stationed in Greece. Well we were walking back home and people were looking at us funny. So finally I decided to look in the stroller to see what they were looking at. Carson was covered from head to toe in poop. We got him home and put him in the bath and of course poop got all over the tub. All I could do was laugh.

About a week ago I was meeting a friend for breakfast #5 also my 1st girl decided to poop all over the place. I got her out of her car seat and felt something mushy. I go to see what it was and it was everywhere lol. I forgot the diaper bag so I walked to the grocery store and bought wipes and diapers lol.

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Oh gosh! I do think we all have had our share of poop messes! lol

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

And thanks for reading! <3