Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Act Of Kindness

I just wanted to write a quick little positive note from my day.

I realize that there are still genuinely thoughtful people. Today I received 3 small gifts from my baby registry (Bumpkins Organic Bibs, an 8 pack of cloth wipes and a Raz Baby Teether). The woman who sent them to me I have never met. In fact, I've had very little conversation with her at all. She is a member on a military support site I moderate and was looking for some help with ideas of things to get for a pregnant friend of hers. All I did was offer a few ideas, give my thoughts on a couple of her ideas and linked her my registry when she had asked if anyone could show her theirs. That was all I did. I did nothing spectacular, but as a thank you, she bought those items off my registry for me. I find that gesture to be so incredibly thoughtful and kind. She had no obligation to do that, but she did. I was almost taken back by it, only because it was just such a sweet thoughtful thing and she doesn't even know me! That is a genuinely thoughtful person. I just really felt the need to acknowledge this random act of kindness.

My registry is more of a shopping list for myself than anything. I've always made one so I can go and order things as I can afford them and it is convenient for my mom to go and order things from for her new grand baby. I'm not having a shower or anything so don't think of it as much more than that, just a convenient tool for me and my mom really!

I've had a few people who have done kind things like this for me over the past few years. When I was having my daughter a few friends I only know online, sent me things. Not to sound sappy, but little things like that always touch me because I'm reminded of how thoughtful some people can really be. I hope all of them know how much I have appreciated their kind gestures as well.


Jenny said...

This is so nice. =)

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

I really thought it was so sweet!