Friday, March 18, 2011

How could I not?

How could I not want to have a bazillion of my husband's babies!? He's absolutely one of the best Daddies ever. Of course he's not perfect, none of us are, but he's a great father and really does try.

I look at all of the little things he does and I'm so grateful for our children to have him. They will have so many good memories of him when they grow up. He rolls around on the floor with the boys, helps them with video games, teaches them how to play football and baseball, reads to them, hugs them, tells them often how proud he is of them. He brushes our daughter's hair, he plays with her on the floor with her little blocks and baby dolls, sings to her, he picks her up when she just wants her daddy told hold her. She is such a daddy's girl already at 16 months old. This morning I listened to him sing one of his silly songs to her as he brought her downstairs for breakfast. He does this all of the time, despite having a terrible singing voice. She loves it! It makes her smile and laugh. It always makes me smile too.

He's a real father and man. He changes diapers without hesitation. He cooks meals for them. He gets up in the middle of the night when they have a bad dream or they are sick. He gives them baths and showers. He tells them he loves them, hugs them and kisses them all of the time. He carries the diaper bag, even if it is covered in pink skulls... He does everything. The most important of all, he truly loves them with everything he has.

My husband tries so hard to provide for the kids and I the best he can. Money is tight and things can be tough, but he always finds a way to make sure we have what we need. Providing for our family is the most important thing to him and he does a great job. We're always taken care of. We might not go on vacations or get to eat out often, but those things aren't what are important. We have what we need, the children have all of the curriculum they need for their schooling and we have each other.

I am thankful to have him for all of these reasons and many more. I hope he realized how much I really do love and appreciate him, because I do.


Aspie Super Mom! said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tony. :) He is also a great husband to you sweetie! I am so happy for you because I know your past relationship was not all it was cracked up to be.

Tony is a REAL daddy. Not just a father :) You guys are all truely blessed to have each other. I love reading about your family, your lives and about your kids.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of it through the net <3

SuziG said...

I LOVE that sign! My husband is constantly saying that "Real Dads Change Diapers!" Lol.

My husband does the same with our daughter and it makes me smile. We may not be able to do things that we'd like to do all of the time, but we always have what we need, including each other. And that's definitely the most important thing. :)

Jenny said...

Very sweet post, Sarah!

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Thanks Ladies <3