Thursday, March 3, 2011

That day I said would never come.... It did...

Yesterday was "That day" that would never come. The best part about it, I was actually excited!

Probably 2 kids ago I said that I would NEVER have more kids than we could fit into an 8 passenger SUV or mini van. I would NEVER own a passenger van. It just wasn't going to happen. 6 children was my limit regardless of how I felt about having more. That was it. At the time, I clearly didn't realize that I wouldn't like having no extra seating and I clearly didn't realize that my strong desire to have more children would be, THIS strong. Here we are now, pregnant for our 6th and needing a larger vehicle because our 7 passenger van is soon to be too small. And you know what? Despite things not always being easy, we love where we are. We love the family we have.

Yesterday, "That day", we traded my husband's car in and purchased a 2010, 12 passenger Ford Econoline E-350 Super Duty XLT. Excellent condition inside and out, only 18k miles and still under factory warranty. We were able to get such an amazing deal on it, we just couldn't pass it up and we're thrilled! We are stuck with the Town and Country (when it's repaired from the accident) and Tony's car is old and needed to go, so this was perfect for us! Never had I imagined I would ever be excited about purchasing an Econoline, but I am! Things will be even tighter now, but we'll make it work, we always do.

Since we're driving such an "uncool" vehicle, we figure we should have fun with it right? I ordered a license plate frame that says "The Bus" "Big Families Rock!". I'm also trying to get skull family decals (instead of the ever popular stick family) for the back window. I'm hoping to make it obvious that it's not the base duty van, taxi or a business vehicle.

That day that would never come, did... and I'm happy it did.


infinite love said...
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Jenny said...

In my mind, I will always think of it as "the BWT".

Sarah - IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

That's what Tony called it last night lol.