Monday, April 11, 2011

This Little Quiz Was Pretty Much Spot On!

I ran across this Mothering Personality quiz this evening. I was surprised at how accurate it actually was for me! Below are the results I got.

The 'Know Thyself' Mother

INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling)

"I believe the joy of motherhood is self-discovery-for them and for me."

Sensitive and family-focused, the INFJ mother looks for and encourages the unique potential of each child. Self-knowledge may be her byword. Her aim is to help each child develop a sense of identity and cultivate personal growth. In fact, she may value the mothering experience as a catalyst to her own personal growth and self-knowledge.
The INFJ mother spends time observing and understanding each child. She is drawn to intimate conversations and seeks a free exchange of feelings and thoughts.
Sympathetic and accommodating, the INFJ mother strives to meet the important yet sometimes conflicting needs of each family member in harmonious and creative ways.
She is conscientious and intense as well. Probably no one takes life and child-raising more seriously than the INFJ. She approaches mothering as a profession requiring her best self.

  • Connecting one-on-one with each child.The INFJ mother listens, observes, and reflects to develop an understanding of who each child really is. She "knows" her child and desires a close relationship. She connects and keeps in touch with each child as a unique individual.
  • Providing her children with emotional support.The INFJ mother is sensitive to her children's feelings, not shying away from helping them deal with even their heaviest emotions. She seeks to smooth out the rough edges of their experiences with a comforting presence and her broader perspectives.
  • Profundity.Focused on understanding values, spirituality, culture, and society, the INFJ mother provides awareness and insights into the subtleties and lessons of life beyond a child's immediate experience and questions.
  • Creativity.The INFJ mother can dream up unusual, fun projects her children can do to occupy their time and enrich their day-to-day experience, such as fantasy games to play, theme parties, or special snacks to make from healthy foods.
  • Details.The INFJ mother may gravitate toward the idea of getting the family and household organized and in order, only to exhaust herself with nitty-gritty follow through. Regular baths for small children, weekly laundry, daily meals, picking up clutter, and ongoing repairs can be overwhelming.
  • Real life vs. the ideal.Because she lives with an ideal in her mind, the INFJ mother often has unrealistic expectations of herself and others. She may feel inadequate and critical of herself when reality falls short of her ideal.
  • Giving too much.The INFJ mother may be prone to over-accommodation and self-sacrifice as a way to maintain family harmony. She struggles with the ramifications: a child who is too dependent and a mother who is depleted and resentful.

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Interesting! I may take the quiz...