Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Birth Center, Water Birth of Baby #6

I had such an amazing experience from start to finish with Charleston Birth Place. I had to write my birth story as soon as I could <3.

My husband and I decided on using the Birth Center right away after finding out that we were expecting #6. It took a few months of waiting on DHEC to grant the waiver for me (since I was having my 6th. Stupid SC laws). From the beginning, the experience at the Birth Center was a far cry from what you get with any OB office. It felt personal, the midwives are amazing and the atmosphere is always comfortable. You never have to go in for a prenatal appointment and wait around for an hour or two or more, just to be seen by a Dr. who doesn't even recognize you from one visit to another. Everything about it was just, pleasant. So, I sit here and ask myself how I missed out on this for my first FIVE kids!

On to my birth story...

Declan Cash was born June 23rd (today) 2011, at 4:40pm, weighing 7lbs 4ozs and was 20 inches long.

For the past 3 days I had been having regular moderately painful contractions. I was dilating and effacing, just slowly. Today after going into the birth center to be checked again for progress, they decided to have me come back to have the baby. I was 6cms and 80% effaced. I was contracting and still making slow, but steady progress. The Birth Center usually does not break your water, but they thought that might be just what I needed and left it to me as an option. We agreed on Tony and I going home to get things ready and heading back around 1:30 pm-ish.

We returned to the birth center roughly around 1:45 pm. After talking it over for a few minutes, I decided to have the midwife go ahead and break my water because I really did feel Declan was ready. That was done sometime around 2 pm or so and I was dilated 7cms and was 90% effaced. It helped make the contractions a little more productive. I got into the tub (and by tub, I mean huge awesomely amazing jetted hot tub) shortly after to be more comfortable. I can tell you, laboring in the tub really does make the contractions a lot more tolerable! I have a pretty high pain threshold and I have always handled labor and child birth pretty well, but this was nice!

I really wasn't too uncomfortable until I was close to being ready to push. When I did reach that point I only spent probably 20 or so minutes with the gnarly contractions. I wasn't doing much pushing at first because I didn't like the pain, but then I got a grip and realized if I'd just push, it'd be over faster! (duuuh) After a short bit of real pushing, I delivered Declan into the water, in a squat, forward leaning, with my midwife Laurie and my husband Tony behind me to guide him :).

No unnecessary medical interventions, no uncomfortable monitors hooked to me the whole time, no unnecessary IV, no medications.... Completely natural and it was perfect. It took him a few minutes to perk up, but he was moving and looking around at us right away. He's perfect and gorgeous and amazing, just like everyone of his brothers and his sister have been, before him. We're in love with him just like we are with every one of our kids. The baby and I were doing wonderful after the birth and were able to leave the birth center just 4 hours after he was born. I LOVED being able to come home and not be stuck in an icky hospital all night!

Here is my little public Thank You to Lesley, Judy and Laurie, my midwives over at Charleston Birth Place. They make CBP such a great place to go through the journey of pregnancy and child birth. I feel so lucky to have been able to have the experience I've had, with them along the way. Not to forget the rest of staff, Renee and Mary, they are wonderful as well!

I'd also like to mention I have pretty much the most amazing husband in the world. He is so incredibly supportive during labor, so patient and attentive. I'm so grateful to have had him there with me through the labor and birth of another one of our children. I love you, Tony.

His arrival home...


Linda said...

Oh, Sarah I am so happy you got to have such an amazing experience with Declan's birth!! I sat here just boo hooing as I read how he was born because I wish I could do Connor's birth all over.
You guys are amazing parents and Declan is so lucky to have you both just like his siblings are also!
Hugs and kisses!

Christi said...

Congratulations!! Welcome Declan!! I'm so glad you got to experience a midwife/water birth. Going home so soon is absolutely the best part, to be surrounded by your family and comfort of the familiar. :-) He's beautiful!

Claire said...

He is so sweet! Congratulations!