Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 Reasons Babies Are Gross

This my friends is 5 Reasons Babies Are Gross. What? They are! They are gross, needy... and the best thing ever.

1. They shit their pants. I mean, come on... They Poop. In. Their. Pants. Gross.

2. They PEE in their pants. *see second statement above.*

3. They spit up on themselves and you... and everything else.

4. They drool on themselves and you... and everything else.

5. They burp and fart, on you, at you, in front of anyone... and anywhere.

Despite the above reasons babies are gross, they are beautiful, adorable and perfect. Which probably makes all of the gross stuff a whole lot easier to deal with ;).

This was brought to you by the letters O, M and G and the words "Epic" and "Poop-splosion".

Earlier today, as I started to nurse Declan, he had a massive diaper explosion all over himself, inside of his blanket. After I cleaned up that disaster (The Governor even considered declaring a state of emergency! Ok.. not really, but still....) I began nursing him again and he promptly peed a huge amount (He's not even 8lbs, where does he keep all of this stuff!?), right out of his diaper, onto the front of me, soaking my pants. This is a scene, while not common, is also not new to me at all, being a mother of 6 children.

Even the worst poop disasters don't stop me from just loving babies and wanting more though ;).

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