Saturday, August 27, 2011

TimberDoodle Review - ImagiPLAY Buddy Blocks

Here we are again, another review for our favorite homeschool curriculum site, Timberdoodle! My 21 month old daughter Annabella and I recently had the opportunity to review ImagiPLAY Buddy Blocks! I have to admit, I was a bit excited to review a toddler item this time, since we haven't before. Anyway, on to the review ;).

First I want to talk about the blocks and storage case themselves. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability. They are made of rubberwood, (which I already know is tough because that is what my entire diningroom set is made of) they are splinter proof, the paint is on well and they appear to be coated in a clear finish which makes them that much more durable and splinter proof. They are of far better quality than some alphabet blocks we own, from well known company I shall not name, that primarily makes wooden toys.

When we received these blocks in the mail, I gave them to my daughter and she sat down playing with them for nearly half an hour. I was very surprised by how interested in them she has been! Between putting them in and out of the case and the different animals/animal pieces on the blocks, she has had continued interest in these for nearly 2 weeks now.

Annabella is still figuring out the actual puzzle aspect of the blocks and I can see that it's really making her think. My 3 year old (JUST turned 3) son absolutely loves them as well. The puzzle aspect is pretty easy for him, but he's still thinking and really enjoying them.

Overall I'm very happy with the ImagiPLAY Buddy Block. They most definitely surpassed my expectations and both my 21 month old daughter and 3 year old son are getting a whole lot of use out of them. Much more than I had anticipated. I feel this is a great product to keep their growing brains busy!

The ImagiPLAY Buddy Blocks are also incorporated in the Complete Toddler Curriculum which is full of great educational toddler products. Don't forget to "like" Timberdoodle on Facebook!

As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free set of Buddy Blocks in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.


RAY J said...

Ooh those look/sound pretty neat! Do you know what they run cost-wise and where you can purchase them? I'd be interested in getting one for Jay as I LOVED puzzles growing up and hope he will too =)

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Click on the link in the product name :). They bring you right to the item on Timberdoodle's website :).

Unknown said...

I just checked the web site and the back yard ones are way cute. I'm thinking Brom will be getting these from Santa this year. Thanks for sharing Love ya

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

They have so many awesome products at really reasonable prices:).