Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've realized something lately.

As we get ready for our big move to Connecticut, I've realized that a lot of people around here really like my family. I don't care for South Carolina in general, but I'll miss some of the people we're leaving behind. More than any other location we've moved from so far.

As we're doing our last "things" like pediatrician visits, vet visits etc. We're telling them that we've moving. My heart breaks a little leaving behind the Nurse Practitioner my kids have been seeing since we moved here. She is amazing with the kids and is just a really wonderful woman. When we told her last week that we were there for the last time, she had all of us come into her office so she could give all of the kids and Tony and I a hug and tell them goodbye. She actually had tears in her eyes and said she'd miss us. She sees people come and go all of the time working in a Navy clinic, but she bonded with my family enough that it actually struck emotion in her to see us going.

Last week when Tony went to buy dog food at our Dog Groomer's store he told them that we'd bring the dogs in for one last grooming before we leave. When the owner heard that, not only was he sad because he adores my dogs, but he gave Tony a hug and said he'd miss us.

This type of thing has been something we're seeing a lot now that we're preparing to leave and telling people. To see that some people are genuinely sad to see us go is actually really touching to me. Even the manager at Target who has been friendly over the past 3 1/2 years showed honest sadness.

I'm sad to leave. Not only because I'm going to miss my house, but because I've come to realize that there are people here who truly care about us. It's a good feeling and makes the move that much harder at the same time.

I've been very sad knowing that when we decide to have our next baby that I can't be a patient at Charleston Birth Place. It might sound silly to some, but I love the women there. I loved everything about them with my pregnancy and delivery of Declan. I honestly feel a great sadness not being able to deliver there again.

Moving so often is tough. Once you make connections, you have to move on to somewhere else. I know thousands of military families all go through this. I know it's just part of this life. It's hard and we all give up a lot. I'd like to think it makes us stronger and makes many of us value the friendships we have, that much more.

It's time to move on again. I'll miss all of you we're leaving behind.


Dan said...

I grew up in connecticut . I wish your family a safe trip. Thank you for your service.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Thank You :).