Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days - What I'm thankful for - Day 2

Day - 2
I am thankful for my children. I am so beyond fortunate to have each of them. They are my whole world and every single day I think about how very lucky I am to be their mom. They are beautiful and challenging (In a good way!). I can't imagine life without each of them in it. I love them with everything I have.

Alexander - "I'm thankful for all of the nice things I have. I know I'm lucky to have them."

Cameron - "I'm thankful for the food Grandma and Grandpa brought for dinner."

Wyatt - "I'm thankful for my warm blanky." (His RockerByeBaby blanket)

Zayne - "I'm fankful for my baby!" (He has a new BOY "doll")

Annabella would likely say M&M's... she got those after she peed in the potty today! :)

I'm pretty sure Declan would probably still say boobies... or maybe fingers... he's really digging those lately.

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