Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days - What I'm thankful for - Day 1

I'm going to do the 30 days of what I am thankful for and blog what I am thankful for each day this month. With the holidays coming up, I think it's nice to focus on the good things! I'm going to try to include the older 4 boys in this as well :).

Day -1
I am so thankful for my husband. He has given me our amazing kids and he loves us endlessly. He's not here right now (booo Navy) and I am painfully aware of how much better life is with him around. I love him. He's the best Daddy, an amazing husband and even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I can't imagine life without him. We met this time of year, years ago, so that makes the holidays just that much more special.

This silly candid shot shows the REAL us... That raw happiness we still have, only better now! We have 6 children to share and multiply it with.

Alexander (9) - "I am thankful for my big family."

Cameron (6) - "I'm thankful for Wizard 101!"

Wyatt (5) - "I'm thankful for you and Daddy."

Zayne (3) - "I'm fankful for my pirate book!"

Ohhh Cameron... LoL.

I bet if Declan was capable of verbalizing what he is thankful for, he'd say "Boobies"...

Annabella would probably say "Emmie"... she's been squishing that poor dog with love all day lol.

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