Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 days - What I'm thankful for - Day 6

Day - 6
Today I am thankful for the very few people in my life who truly and genuinely love and care for me. This has particularly stuck with me today because of hearing about hurtful things family members have been saying about me. Some fabricated, most skewed and all entirely unprovoked. I appreciate those in my life who love me the way that I am and would never think of being hateful toward or about me. Over the years I have realized this is rare and something to never take for granted.

Sometimes that word doesn't mean a whole lot...

Alexander - "I'm thankful for the medicine that is supposed to help me grow." (He is Human Growth Hormone Deficient and receives injections 6 days a week)

Cameron - "I'm thankful for my bed."

Wyatt - "I'm thankful for a mom that works so hard."

Zayne - "I'm fankful for Annabella's little kitchen!" (He has been playing with her birthday gift non stop lol)

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