Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy Skunk Lady

My neighbor is a crazy skunk lady... ok, she's probably not crazy. She's pretty cool actually.. BUT skunks love her... or hate her... hmm... I guess they probably hate her since they keep spraying her family.

Several times since moving here we've been gagged by the smell of skunk. Last week or so her dog was sprayed and before I moved here, her younger son was. Tonight, a skunk has sprayed the front yards (We are in townhouses and we live in a section of 4 units. She's 2 doors down from me) TWICE. We've never had skunks bother us, so it must be her, right? ;). Tony and I are generally pretty unlucky people. Apparently my neighbor is also unlucky, or at least she is when it comes to skunks! I wonder what kind of disasters we'll all have with all of this unlucky business going on? :)

So I have great neighbors (thank fricking goodness, after some of the horrid ones we've had!) and one of them is a crazy skunk lady.

Anyone have some tips on keeping skunks away?


Claire said...

You're in Groton, right? Yes, that is the land of the skunks. We had one that would walk right up to our door during the day, and another that lived under our shed. I called animal control and they won't come, you have to call a private trapper. I called a trapper and they wanted $100 for each skunk they caught in their trap. I figured with my luck they'd catch ten! DH waited until we knew the one skunk was out and about and then buried the area under the shed with packed dirt. Also if you keep your trash tightly closed that helps. I think a lot of them have been displaced due to the housing renovations in recent years.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Yes, it's Groton. We're in a new Townhouse and we have the big closed cans, so I don't think that is attracting them. I hope they leave us alone lol.