Friday, November 25, 2011

It Happened...

Yes, it happened... My husband went out to stand in line for a Black Friday, Midnight opening at Target.

In all of the years my husband and I have been together, we have never done the Black Friday, out at midnight craziness. We always said it just wasn't worth the hassle and the potential of being trampled to death. We watched all of the crazy stories on the news over the years and were always like "WHY do people do it???". But, this year, it was different.

We hyped up putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving here with Grandma and Grandpa, to the kids. They were so excited and looking forward to it. Tony digs out the huge Rubbermaid bin, with a hole cut into it to accommodate our Christmas tree, that we've had for around 6 years now and some of the boxes of ornaments from the garage. We put the tree together and begin to fix the branches (that are already in poor condition from being old and being moved so many times). We plug it in to ensure it still works. One of the lines of lights pretty much blew up. They didn't just burn out, no. They practically melted. Another set of the lights flickered if you moved a branch. Between that and the overall condition of the tree, Tony and I determined it needed to go. I was a bit annoyed because I had wanted to take the tree out a few days ago when we would have actually been able to go buy a new one and the kids were disappointed. I figured we would be spending this weekend fighting crowds finding a new tree. Tony felt bad seeing the kids disappointed.

Super-Tony to the rescue! He left while I was tending to the baby and not paying attention around 11pm. The stores had all been closed because of Thanksgiving of course, so he decided he would go stand in line for the midnight, Black Friday opening. The line was almost circling the entire store, but he stood in it regardless. When the store opened and he finally made it in, he walked straight back to the Christmas trees and stood there debating with himself which tree he wanted to get. A Target employee asked if he was looking for the $30 Black Friday special tree and he simply said "no". He wanted a 7.5 foot tree like we had and that was only a 6.5. She looked puzzled, but carried on. He decided on the tree and then walked right to the register with it. The cashier was looking around for the rest of his purchase and asked in a confused tone "Is this it?" to which the answer was yes. The tree was all he was there for. A regular sale priced tree and not some Black Friday steal.

He proudly walked in around 12:40am with that artificial pre-lit Christmas Tree. He could have waited, but he wanted to make sure that tree was here for us to decorate together in the morning. Annoyed wife and disappointed child, free.

My husband's very first "Black Friday experience" was not even to buy an awesome Black Friday deal. He just wanted a tree and he couldn't buy it when he wanted to earlier, because the stores were closed for the holiday. It was an uneventful first for him also. There were no fist fights, no one knocking someone else over for the last Elmo. Nothing. All he had happen to him, was people look at him like he was crazy because he wasn't buying one single Black Friday deal item.

Him and I put the tree together quickly before bed. The kids will be so excited to see it here in the morning, waiting for us to decorate it.


Unknown said...

I must say, well played! I fought BestBuy for 3 movies, which totally pales in comparison. This reminds me though, we need a new tree :/

Melina said...

Your hubby totally wins the "Most awesome Black Friday steal ever." :) sure, he didn't get one of the "sales" .. but he got something WAY better. The look on your kids' faces when they woke up this morning and saw a brand new tree ready for them to decorate. This brought tears to my eyes, Sarah. Go over and give that man a hug from me, and thank him for making my good friend and her sweet babies so very happy :)

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Andy, the past 2 years we said "We REALLY need a new tree" but it's one of those things we didn't want to actually spend the money on... until we had to LOL.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

He has some good moments Melina ;).