Saturday, November 26, 2011

My 3 year old is way cooler than I am

My 3 year old is way cooler than I am. Really. He is pretty much the coolest kid I know (you know, next to his siblings and all).

Here is why my 3 year old is way cooler than I am. Tonight my parents took us all to Edaville Railroad in Massachusetts. Right from first entering Edaville he was determined he would go on the Ferris wheel. After riding the train and the carousel, he waited in line with Daddy, Grandpa and 2 of his older brothers for an HOUR (lets not even talk about that!) to ride the Ferris wheel. He was excited the entire wait. They finally got on and my husband expected him to be scared once they started moving. Not a chance! That boy thought it was the most awesome ride. When they got all the way to the top, he was excited and loved every second of it! For me, I am terrified of Ferris wheels because I am scared of heights. The top of the Ferris wheel in that wobbly, I'll tip over any moment bucket seat, is horrifying to me. Instead of loving the view being up so high, I feel like I'm going to pass out and die (or something like that). My 7 year old shares that with me, poor kid.

My 3 year old is way cooler than me. He is an adventure seeker.... and he rocks the poo out of the Ferris wheel. I am a giant wimpy pants.

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