Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Average [Homeschool] Day In The Organized Chaos Household

I've been asked quite a few times now to write this blog. So here it is!

Just a little disclaimer... We don't have a super strict homeschool schedule, so this is honestly pretty boring and probably not very useful lol. You're not going to see exact times and how long lessons last. Sorry!

I am *usually* up after my husband leaves for work around 5:30am-ish (On duty days or when he's otherwise not here, I might sleep a little longer.). But that's my time with the baby, nursing him etc. I typically make my bed and pick up my bedroom/bathroom. If the baby allows it, I get a shower. If not... I try to squeeze one in some time during the day.

The kids are usually up 7-ish. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. They eat breakfast and do that usual morning stuff.

We try to start school first thing, right after the kids make their beds. I have them begin with math, then reading etc. Alex (9.5) is more independent because he can read and understand everything well. Cameron (7) and Wyatt (6) still need assistance with directions. There are a number of things the toddlers will be doing during this time. They will sometimes play quietly together with the play kitchen, work on puzzles, do a workbook, color, do little activities with me or they could be napping. The baby pretty much needs to be attached to someone 24/7, so I'm usually wearing/holding him. He IS starting to play with the toddlers more now though!

As we go along with the lessons I help who needs help, as they need it. In between assisting with work, I am picking up, wiping toddler snot, cleaning the floor, dusting, cleaning a bathroom, doing a load of laundry, preparing a meal... whatever needs to be done. Often I am multi-tasking (but I always give the real attention to the lessons). Cameron and Wyatt are almost always done with school by lunch. Alex is done by lunch probably 70% of the time. If Alex isn't done before lunch, he finishes right afterwards.

Once school is done that leaves the afternoons open to do everything else that needs to be done around the house or to bring the kids for a walk or something like that. After lunch/once school is done, I like to finish most of the house work. I have the kids make sure their rooms are picked up, just to keep them from becoming a complete disaster. After that is done, we play, go for walks, play with neighborhood kids/friends, read books, draw pictures... We do stuff together.

When the time to make dinner rolls around, the kids go off to play in their rooms or relax. Sometimes I have them help me (which is actually more work for me, but I make lessons out of it!). After dinner is done and cleaned up, we spend more time together and they play.

Before bed, the kids have to pick up and dust their rooms, clean their bathroom (to the best of their ability anyway LOL. I end up re-cleaning.) and Alex vacuums the 2 boys rooms. I vacuum my room, Annabella's room and the hallway. Then they do their bedtime routine, like brushing their teeth, showers/baths, you know, the usual stuff.

So there it is... Our average day. I told you it was boring. Some days are exciting.. but not our average day! lol

A boring Wednesday morning.

I definitely like to throw in field trips now and then. When the spring comes I plan to do a lot more outside. I also plan to get the kids into outside activities/sports again. The weekends we almost always go out and do something. Even if it's just the park. I also take one weekend afternoon or evening (more often than not, Sunday) to deep clean everything, move furniture upstairs to vacuum baseboards, to organize etc. It makes my week easier.


Claire said...

Just in case you want some field trip ideas, we liked:

Mystic Aquarium
Roger Williams Zoo
Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut
Kid City Children's Museum

All of those have good deals on memberships, and it's worth it to buy one if you plan on going even twice during the year.

Also, I just loved Grotons Park & Rec. You probably get the little magazine at your house, but if not it is all online. They have the best deals. I didn't realize that until we moved, and realized everything is crazy expensive in other places.

Also Bluff Point State Park...we adore that place. Free parking and a great place to walk, bike, and see the coast.

In the summer Esker Point Beach puts on free concerts that are family friendly. They usually have a lot you can park in, and then will run school buses to take you to and from the beach. Or you can park close and play. My kids liked riding the bus, since we homeschooled in CT and that was their only chance to get on a school bus.

And finally, Tricentennial Legacy Playground...down on Long Hill Rd. Awesome park! They built it while we are living there, and it is handicapped accessible. Not that your kids need that, but I liked that all children got to play together there.

I guess you've been there long enough to find some or all of those places, but you never know. Can you tell we miss CT?

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

We have memberships to both Mystic and Roger Williams zoo! We've gone to both 3 times since September lol. I plan lessons around going to them.

I need to check out some of the other places you've mentioned, thanks!