Saturday, February 11, 2012

Starting Something New!

I am generally an organized person. I like my house clean and organized and I like things done in an organized manner. My husband hasn't been around much because his work hours suck and they wont be getting any better (hello sea duty), so our days here haven't been going as smoothly as I'd like. Things are getting done but it's a little chaotic, so I've decided I'm going to find a better way. I'm going to make a multi-child chore/behavior chart to help better organize and keep track of our day. I'm going to try to come up with something that looks decent so I can hang it in a conspicuous place downstairs, to keep it in sight. I'm also going to try to incorporate some kind of reward system into this.

My goal is to get our daily tasks done in a more organized and less stressful manner. Including homeschooling. My husband being gone so much is wearing on the kids, so I think the extra structure will really benefit them.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the craft store and utilizing my creative side!

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Claire said...

I just did this as well, and I used a big dry erase board. That way the kids can check off each chore they complete. It's working well so far. My oldest is seven, so my kids mostly need some level of help with their chores (like dishes.) Having them help has forced me to get things done earlier in the day, before bedtime, so I no longer find myself cleaning alone at 11pm.