Sunday, May 20, 2012

Volunteering at the Special Olympics

My husband's boat (PCU North Dakota) was asked for volunteers for the Special Olympics here. We decided we would volunteer as a family so that the kids could be volunteers too. It was such a good experience. I would love to do it again.

The initial thought behind us volunteering as a family was for the kids to volunteer and have the experience working with special needs people. We want to start them volunteering with different things right from young. This turned out to be more of a touching mushy thing for me, than anything else. I am so incredibly proud of my children today. We volunteered in "Olympic Town" which is an area they have set up for the athletes to do fun activities between events. The boys mostly helped children and adults with legos and sand art. They were so patient and sweet to each of the people they worked with. They were congratulating them on their medals, encouraging them as they built with the legos or doing the sand art, telling them how great they were doing etc. I am just so proud of them. They have the biggest hearts. My husband and I worked right along with them helping, of course, and both of us were just amazed at how awesome the kids all were. Even the two little ones were perfectly content the whole time! It was nice to watch some of the events as well.

I know we are not perfect, but we must be doing something right. These kids are amazing.

If we had any chance of getting there on time I had to have the kids clothes set out and everything packed to leave for the morning! lol

This was the sand art station right after it was slammed before lunch!

The area we volunteered in.

Volunteering is HARD WORK when you're 10 months old!

We took the kids for ice cream after!

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