Monday, June 25, 2012

Declan's First Birthday Party

Today we had Declan's first Birthday Party! I feel like a gigantic jerk because there were a TON more people that I would have invited if we had more room here.

I originally planned to design my own theme and make it. When I ran out of time, I went to the next best option... Etsy. I found a theme design that I really liked and decided that's what I would be doing. I actually enjoyed making all of the things for the party too!

We kept the food simple. Ham and cheese Wraps, Tuna Rolls, Lebanese Meat Pies (from Sam's Bakery in Fall River, MA!), Broccoli Casserole, Jack Daniels Wings, Caprese Bites and a Fresh fruit Bowl.

These Caprese Bites were a WIN! SO worth the time they took for me to make!

Declan had a great time of course!

He wasn't sure what to make of EVERYONE looking at him and singing.

This is how he decided to tackle the cupcake.

We really are fortunate to have so many wonderful friends to share these times in our lives with!

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