Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The insanity that is my life lately

Insanity... Yes, that is probably an appropriate word. My husband has been working insane hours, including weekends. (Too bad the military doesn't pay over time! Lets not talk about the day he had to stay until almost midnight to finish something by morning that had been dropped on him in the afternoon.) The kids aren't taking him leaving before they wake up and coming home after they are supposed to be in bed particularly well. My kids, who I can take anywhere and know they will be angels, have been randomly acting as if they are possessed or something. The fighting... ooooh the fighting. Some days aren't bad and others have been terrible. We chose to live in Navy housing to be close to work, so that he could come home for lunch. It hasn't happened much lately, but when he does make it home for a quick lunch, the kids are quiet as can be! I swear they do it on purpose!

In other insanity news; Two of my cousins now hate me. One being my godmother and the other, her adult daughter. This is pretty interesting, really. I've never done anything to them and over the past year and a half or so, I've heard pretty terrible things they have said about me, but I chose to ignore them and continue trying to have a good relationship with them. Of course, they always managed to take things I say or things I'm passionate about personally or as a personal attack on them (like my feelings for MYSELF in regards to natural child birth, breastfeeding etc.). I still tried and tried to be nice to them. I tried being helpful in regards to Navy life, since the daughter is a new Navy wife... everything I ever said, was twisted of course. The final straw for me, were comments to other people about my children and my most recent miscarriage. I called them out on it and the daughter immediately blocked me on facebook (That doesn't scream guilty or anything, mhmm.) and has her wall loaded with posts aimed at me... the person who she blocked LOL. They are now playing victim, when I never did anything to begin with. At first I was hurt, but now I am amused that they have turned it around and are saying nasty things to as many people, including family, as they can. They've just done the same thing to more family members recently. By now, everyone knows who the problem is. Keep on burning those bridges. Eventually the friends of theirs who have been around for years will realize they say lousy things about them also and they'll be gone too.

Moving on... Last month, my uncle Jerry passed away. I had not seen much of him in recent years, but as a little girl I just adored him. He lived a hard and fast life, so really, it was impressive that he lived into his early 60's. I was sad nonetheless. He was so sick, though. It is comforting to know he is no longer suffering. We were able to make it to his memorial service. I have been far away for so many deaths of family members. I was glad to be there this time.

Between my husband never being home and family drama, my life has been a bit crazy. Thank goodness I love my husband and children more than words could ever express. It makes all of the rest much easier to deal with. All of the insanity aside, I really am a lucky woman.

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