Friday, July 20, 2012 Review and COUPON code!

I originally planned to hold out on the review until I could have my husband photograph me in the dress I received from them (I photograph everything, but MYSELF is a challenge lol), however they sent me a coupon code for my readers this morning and I wanted to get that out there right away, so I figured it should go along with my review! I'll have to add a photo in at another time.

I'll start off by saying, I am very impressed with eShakti. The custom order process is very easy, their turn around time is exceptional, especially considering they are offering a custom product and they have a great selection.

The whole focus on custom sizing is genius. For someone like myself, getting a dress off the rack to fit properly, even just a casual dress, is nearly impossible because I am very short at just over 5ft tall, chubby after having 6 children and have larger breasts. You have the choice of choosing from conventional sizes (S, M, L etc.) or you can actually put in your own measurements (It asks specifically for what they need. Very simple). You also put in your height so that dresses hit where they are supposed to. Many dresses have sleeve options and you can even choose for a dress style to be longer or shorter than it was designed to be! It really is very custom. Some of the dresses have a vintage feel, which I love.

The mistake I made when ordering my sample from eshakti was I chose from a conventional size rather than putting in my measurements, so it's a little snug on the bust. That just further proves how awesome the custom measurement option is. Next time, I will be doing my measurements for sure (there WILL be a next time!). The dress IS what I ordered though. I chose a style that was sleeveless, but I wanted it to have short sleeves and I entered my height, so it wasn't too long. The dress arrived just as I ordered it. I want to say that from the time I ordered, until the time I received my dress was only about a week. That is amazing for a custom item! Besides dresses, they carry skirts, tops, scarves, fashion jewelry and bags!

Another thing I would like to mention is they are very inclusive! They go from sizes 0 - 26W. I think that's really great.

Admittedly, I had never heard of eShakti until I was approached to do a review and I was a little skeptical. Now they absolutely have me as a customer! I can get a dress or shirt that is custom sized, right to my door, without having to go to a tailor? Yes please! They are genius.

Here is their little gift to you, my readers. A 10% off coupon code that can be used in addition to their 40% off sale right now! It's good until July 31st, 2012. The code is below and does not have a limited number of uses.