Monday, July 30, 2012

My friends pointed this out to me

A few weeks ago, while at my friends house (some of our "Boat Family") they pointed out to me that my almost 10 year old does not speak like a 10 year old. He uses big words and the way he speaks sounds older. I never really thought about it, until it was pointed out. Now I pay more attention and it's not only him, the other 2, of the older 3 boys also speak much like he does.

Yesterday I got a little giggle when my 10 year old's sentence began with "While I was doing some research..."

One thing that stuck out to me today was the fact that my 6 year old calls saliva... saliva. He does not call it spit or drool. My 4 year old was talking to him and he spit while talking. My 6 year old said to him "Zayne! You need to be more careful while you're speaking. You got your saliva on my face!"

I think it's kind of neat that they use more mature words.


Claire said...

My seven year old is like that too. I think it comes from reading anything and everything. You will be glad when it comes time for them to take their SATs. I was a big reader growing up and blew the top off the verbal section of the SAT. My brother, who I have always felt was the brains of the family, really struggled. A few weeks or months of studying can't replace years and years of reading.

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

That is very true! I'm very fortunate that my kids are all turning into big readers.