Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh, it's just one of those days

It's just one of those days where the pest control person sees your butt cheek. That happens to everyone, right?

I asked Navy housing to send pest control out to take care of the beetle and spider issue we've been having. They didn't give me any kind of time frame, of course. Well played, Balfour Beatty. Well played.

Just as I'm stepping out of the shower this morning the doorbell rings. I run butt naked and wet across my bedroom to look out the window and of course, it's pest control! I rush to pull on one of my husband's t-shirts and a pair of yoga pants, sans underclothes, because I'm in a hurry. If you've ever put clothes on while you're wet, I'm sure you can understand that it can be difficult. Well, because my yoga pants were sticking to my wet legs, I managed to tear a hole through what I thought was the thigh, with my foot. I just continued to get them on and I'd assess the hole later. I run downstairs nearly killing myself to get to the door before they leave. I apologized to the woman at the door, discussed where needed to be sprayed and turned around to walk toward the livingroom. I know she was looking at me when I turned around. I KNOW she was.

When she went back outside to get her equipment I suddenly felt a... breeze? I went and looked in the mirror. Oh. My. Word. The tear I thought was in the thigh, actually went from the crotch and thigh to more than halfway up my butt cheek. I very well may have caused vision damage to this poor woman with my bright, glowing white butt cheek just hanging out there to greet her [hello there!]. As I was running upstairs to change my pants, my 7 year old caught a glimpse of me and said "Um, Mom! What the... Why.... Why is your butt showing!?" *hangs head*

The woman never said anything, but I know she saw it. I could just tell. She looked like someone who had witnessed something disturbing... you know... you just know that look.

After typing this, I realized that I had turned around 2 or 3 other times while speaking to her, to calm the dogs down. Oh Boy.


Claire said...

Lol! I actually had something similar happen to me when we were living in Groton. Housing said they were going to send people out for routine maintenance on all the houses on our street, and gave us an entire week when they could come by. I was home alone with my kids on the morning they arrived. I guess they thought since there was no car out front the house was empty and they just let themselves right in through the garage door. I was laying on the couch, nightie pulled all the way up, no pants, boob all the way out, nursing the baby. I've never seen three men jump back the door so fast! I found a robe, and told them to come back in. The older two guys were fine, but the one who looked about 18 turned bright red and stared at the ground the whole time they were there. After they left, I went into the laundry room (the one connected to the garage - they walked through it like ten times doing their work) and saw the whole thing was pretty much blocked up with drying rack that I was using to lay out bras and underwear I had handwashed the night before. Totally forgot about that one! I guess they learned their lesson....always always knock!

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

I wont sign the release for them to come in without me here, so they don't ever let themselves in, thankfully LoL.