Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey, greedy, bratty military wife who thinks she is entitled! Yeah YOU!

It's that time of year again. The time of year that Sears opens up their Sears Heroes At Home Registry, so that military families can register to receive gift cards during the holidays (from money donated by Sears customers) as a Thank You from Sears and those who donate to it.

What this really means is, a load of ungrateful, greedy, bratty women who think they are entitled because they are Military spouses, will come out in droves, via the internet. Sears is bombarded on their facebook page and I imagine twitter and any other social media outlet they can be found on, by wives complaining that they can't sign up. But not everyone is just giving Sears a "heads up" that the site isn't running smoothly, many of them are being rude, hateful and just plain greedy. Much of what I have seen posted on their facebook page over the past 5 years that Sears has been doing this, just screams "I'm entitled!!!". It's obnoxious and frustrating to see. Most of all it's incredibly disheartening and sad.

Listen up ladies, the type of junk you all are posting is making us all look bad. The small number of you greedy little girls with entitlement issues are giving people from the outside a terrible view of what a military wife is, with posting things like you are. It's terrible. You need to just stop. It's down right rude and ungrateful.

I took this right off the Sears facebook page...
"You should really get your act together! Some of us are relying on this to get our kids Christmas gifts! I can't believe that after 5 years you can't get it right! Fix your site!"
I can't even muster up anything nice to say about that one. I sincerely hope that was just someone trying to stir the pot.

Not all of us are like this. In fact, most of us are not. The majority of us are very grateful for any thank you that we receive for the sacrifices we make as military families. The Heroes At Home program is such a wonderful thing that Sears does and it's so tarnished each year by sheer greed. I feel ashamed and embarrassed for each of those women each time I read another bratty post on the Sears facebook page. You, the greedy wife over there. YOU should be ashamed and embarrassed by what you're posting. This behavior is shameful.

Thank You Sears and Thank You to everyone who does donate to this program.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I've been a Mom, for a decade!

My oldest son Alexander is 10 years old today. A whole decade! At 6am on my birthday, my water broke. I had him at 5:24pm and he was 6lbs 7ozs. It's all history from there!

You're growing into a wonderful, loving and brilliant young man, Alex! Happy 10th Birthday! I love you!

10 years ago. Newborn Alex, passed out with one tired new Mommy. (I HATED this photo, but I have so few of him as a baby that I love having this one now.)

Now, 10 years old.

He even used to be a porker!

He also used to have red hair! lol

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"I'll never call my kid that!"

When my husband and I decided on the name for our 6th child (Declan Cash) most people didn't care for it. That was totally cool to me because I don't like popular names. Someone living in the UK had told me that they've heard the name there and the nickname was often "Decky". I was like "I'll never call my kid that!" I thought it sounded ridiculous.

Well... my adorable daughter, at the time he was born, couldn't say "Declan" and she, on her own, called him "Decky". I thought it was adorable coming from her, of course. It kind of stuck and we all call him "Decky" now and then, except for her. She consistently calls him Declan now lol. I also happen to find it really cute.

Isn't it funny how silly little things like that can change so easily because of our children?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Coffee makes you really smart"

There is something kind of amazing about the innocence of children and when they are still young enough to think their parents are awesome.

My 6 year old, Wyatt, came up to me and said "Mommy, does coffee make you really smart?" I smiled and kind of laughed and told him no, it doesn't. He just responded with "hmmm". I waited a few second and then asked him why, he asked me that. His response was "Cameron told me that coffee makes you really smart. He said he knows it's true because you drink a lot of coffee and you're super smart. We think you might even be smarter than Daddy." I told him I was just born this way ;).

How freaking awesome is that? I mean, really... my kids think I am super smart and generally just the best mom, ever. Boy do I wish they'd look at me that way forever.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"How do you get your kids to take such good pics?"

I get asked often how I manage to get my kids to cooperate for pictures. The reality is, it takes a LOT of "outtakes" to get a few good ones! I just tend to not share the not-so-cute ones. A lot of the times when I am trying to get group shots of the kids, I seriously work up a sweat because it's stressful!

Example below...

When I post the photos everyone thinks he is all like... this...

When in reality, half of the time he was like... THIS...

I may or may not have bribed him to smile for me with a lolly pop... *whistles innocently* 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have a 4 year old, again!

4 years ago today, my 4th baby, Zayne Elliot was born! He was 7lbs 7ozs and the most laid back baby ever. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. He is such an amazing little boy! He has such a huge and awesome personality. Happy Birthday Zayne!

Zayne, 4 years ago.

Zayne today, at 4 years old.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Week Of Organized Chaos in Photos - Instagram Style

I was just looking at my Instragram photos and thought I'd post my photos from the past week. Clearly, my life revolves around my children lol.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Forgotten

Navy Spouses, Navy Kids.... We are the forgotten. No, no, this isn't an "I hate the Navy" post. Grab that cup of coffee and lets chat.

On a very basic level, the Navy wasn't designed for families. The long working hours, deployments, schools, training etc. It's an incredibly demanding profession with relatively little monetary compensation. For many, it is also a job they are proud of, despite that.

Lets throw us families into the mix. We can be a vital support system for our Service Member. They have a family to come home from deployment to, people to lean on when they need it, people that love them, make them happy... so on and so forth. We can also be a load of added stress. When they are going through intensive demanding periods, they also have us at home, that still need them to be our boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/father/mother and meet our needs, whatever they may be. We just have to find the balance.

The Navy has various programs to support the families, so clearly we aren't LITERALLY forgotten, but we are, in a sense. There are family friendly commands also, of course. However, with the Navy as a whole, families are not really thought about when job expectations are made, when hours are set etc. (If they are, then the people thinking about their families, don't like them much lol) This is both a discouraging and comforting thought at the same time. Here's why... When circumstances arise that are not ideal for your family unit, it can be upsetting and you can feel angry. Taking a step back and realizing it's about the bigger picture and not a personal vendetta against your family should calm you a bit, because after all, we are the forgotten.

Wars don't try to make things easier on us as the family. Terrorists don't try to plan attacks around what is convenient for us. The various jobs that are done every day for the security of our country, are just not tailored around our individual families.

We are the forgotten, but not because the Navy doesn't care about us. We are the forgotten because the bigger picture demands so much of our military member and those demands are not always ideal for the family unit. Being a military family isn't an easy thing. It takes a lot of give and take, often more give on the side of the family members at home. We all sacrifice. Some sacrifice a whole lot, others sacrifice less.

So, the next time you say "The Navy doesn't care about the families." try to look at it differently (Yes, it's hard. I agree.)... They care about us, they kind of just have to forget about us when it comes to the bigger picture sometimes. That separation, that missed birth, that second sea duty in a row, those lousy orders.... they aren't personal. They are meeting the needs of the Navy and we as the family behind the sailor are kind of... Forgotten. We make sacrifices.

I couldn't be more proud of my husband and what he does. I would love to have him around more, but I know he is so very dedicated to his job and also very dedicated to our family. It's a tough balancing act sometimes. I'm right by his side every step of the way.

Yes, I totally have my whiny moments about hours and all... We all do.

And just like that...

And just like that.... A relatively peaceful day suddenly changed direction.

My Navy Man husband is working poopie hours right now (2+ months of shift work. It's supposed to be 12.5 hours, but it's more like 14 or so hours a day, 7 days a week. He is on mid shift, which is over night.) so he has to sleep during the day. We've explained to the kids that they need to let Dad sleep, they need to not be too loud etc.

I started the morning off with some school to keep the kids occupied and then let them go upstairs to play, with the reminder that Dad is asleep and they needed to not be too loud. I also told them that after lunch/naps we would go out, so play nicely and then clean up.

10 year old: "Mom, Wyatt isn't cleaning like you told him to!" *From right at the top of the stairs from in front of my bedroom where Dad is asleep* I run up the stairs like a bat out of hell and hush him. I remind all 3 older boys that Dad is asleep and they need to keep it down.

7 year old: "Alex! Come here!" *From right in front of my bedroom door where Dad is sleeping* I again, run up the stairs to hush him, this time my foot slips off the step and I nearly kill myself. I reminded all 3 of them to keep it down, again.

6 year old: "Mommy! Alex is being mean!" *From right at the top of the stairs from in front of my bedroom where Dad is asleep* I run up to hush them.. again.

Lets repeat this like.. a dozen more time throughout the morning and early afternoon...

I settled the toddlers for a nap after lunch since they were cranky and was letting Declan (13 months) play a little longer with the big boys before he napped while I did dishes.

Then it got really exciting. I hear all 3 yelling about Declan getting hurt. I run up the stairs and find Alex with a paper towel, covered in blood, holding Declan. They all at the same time yell about how Declan hit his mouth, but the story of what happened isn't the same, of course. I check Declan's mouth and see that he is ok and it's just bleeding a whole lot because of where he hurt himself.

That's when I look down and see the blood... all in the carpet and in his cute shirt. NOOOOOOOO!

I run down stairs, almost fall "sh*t!". Run through the kitchen to get paper towels and Natures Miracle to clean the blood up asap! I trip on a cup that my daughter left on the floor, while catching myself, I manage to slam my foot into the doorway to the laundry room "#!@#!**#! ouch! #!*!#@%*! DAMNIT!". I get back upstairs, without killing myself... cleaned up the blood, checked the baby again, settled them ALL down for naps, yes even the 10 year old, since they can't listen... and now... I can clean downstairs.

I hope I didn't break my damn toes.

Shoot, I haven't eaten anything yet today... I'm hungry.