Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey, greedy, bratty military wife who thinks she is entitled! Yeah YOU!

It's that time of year again. The time of year that Sears opens up their Sears Heroes At Home Registry, so that military families can register to receive gift cards during the holidays (from money donated by Sears customers) as a Thank You from Sears and those who donate to it.

What this really means is, a load of ungrateful, greedy, bratty women who think they are entitled because they are Military spouses, will come out in droves, via the internet. Sears is bombarded on their facebook page and I imagine twitter and any other social media outlet they can be found on, by wives complaining that they can't sign up. But not everyone is just giving Sears a "heads up" that the site isn't running smoothly, many of them are being rude, hateful and just plain greedy. Much of what I have seen posted on their facebook page over the past 5 years that Sears has been doing this, just screams "I'm entitled!!!". It's obnoxious and frustrating to see. Most of all it's incredibly disheartening and sad.

Listen up ladies, the type of junk you all are posting is making us all look bad. The small number of you greedy little girls with entitlement issues are giving people from the outside a terrible view of what a military wife is, with posting things like you are. It's terrible. You need to just stop. It's down right rude and ungrateful.

I took this right off the Sears facebook page...
"You should really get your act together! Some of us are relying on this to get our kids Christmas gifts! I can't believe that after 5 years you can't get it right! Fix your site!"
I can't even muster up anything nice to say about that one. I sincerely hope that was just someone trying to stir the pot.

Not all of us are like this. In fact, most of us are not. The majority of us are very grateful for any thank you that we receive for the sacrifices we make as military families. The Heroes At Home program is such a wonderful thing that Sears does and it's so tarnished each year by sheer greed. I feel ashamed and embarrassed for each of those women each time I read another bratty post on the Sears facebook page. You, the greedy wife over there. YOU should be ashamed and embarrassed by what you're posting. This behavior is shameful.

Thank You Sears and Thank You to everyone who does donate to this program.

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