Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"I'll never call my kid that!"

When my husband and I decided on the name for our 6th child (Declan Cash) most people didn't care for it. That was totally cool to me because I don't like popular names. Someone living in the UK had told me that they've heard the name there and the nickname was often "Decky". I was like "I'll never call my kid that!" I thought it sounded ridiculous.

Well... my adorable daughter, at the time he was born, couldn't say "Declan" and she, on her own, called him "Decky". I thought it was adorable coming from her, of course. It kind of stuck and we all call him "Decky" now and then, except for her. She consistently calls him Declan now lol. I also happen to find it really cute.

Isn't it funny how silly little things like that can change so easily because of our children?


StaceyN said...

I find it funny how lots of people didn't like the name but now it's becoming more popular. haha It's a really cute name. <3

IMakeLotsOfBabies said...

Well, I adore his name hehe.